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Are you in Keto? Be mindful about your BMD-Bone Mineral density ! Lower BMD DEXA score would mean that you are heading towards osteoporosis


I came across one of my Obese friend who was practicing Keto since last couple of years to reduce his weight and also control his Type 2...

His recent Dexa score indicated that his BMD is decreasing very fast...and when he contacted his medical practitioner , he was advised to switch back to a low to moderate carb diet to slow down the progression of osteoporosis...

I was doing some studies to understand as to why it should happen and came across this article in Diet doctor which promotes LCHF / keto diet.... and the article also indicates that some recent studies also indicate the link between keto and Low BMD.

Then i was trying to find out as to why Keto could lead to osteoporosis, i discovered another article which explains the reason.....(2nd article )..

Anyway, if some of you are practising Keto, please do check for BMD-A simple low cost test called Dexa scan which could measure your BMD at regular intervals....and do consult your doctor in case you find low DEXA score...

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Thanks for sharing useful information yet again. Slightly off topic, could you elaborate what is the difference between keto and LCHF diet?

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Keto diet would mean not more than 5-10% carbs daily .....

LCHF Diet goes up to 30% Carbs ...

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Thanks for the information namaha

Please read this information from UK, NHS site:

We all need a well balanced diet for healthy life.

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