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Diabetes in India affects over 9% of the population.

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Hi everyone,

Here's an article in Medical News Today about diabetes in India as type 2 diabetes is a big problem across the world for many and in Asia this is even more so due to the different fat to muscle ratio. It is estimated that over 9% of the population in India are diabetic.


I'd like to remind members that this is your community to help you live with diabetes and if possible reverse it as there are things that most people can do to achieve this.

To help raise awareness of diabetes and just to be involved in helping others on here please say if you would like to be an ambassador volunteer or even join the admin/moderator team, this is your community and how involved you are is your choice as the facilities are here for you to help each other and we will do our best to guide and help with this. If you don't say then we won't know so please don't hold back.

To mark World Diabetes Day on the 14th of November is the Nail it campaign where diabetics paint their nails to raise awareness of diabetes.

Here's an article saying how the UK will have 9% of the population by 2030 so this affects all of us and together we can help each other:


And remember folks awareness is empowering so spread awareness however you can. 💚

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Sir it is true. South India cases are more. This is also due to heridetary. Both my parents are diabetic. We are all have the diabetic issue. Controlling with medicines.

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Hello Mohannandigana1952 thank you for your response and I'm glad that you are controlling your diabetes and am sorry that its hereditary as that must seem so unfair on you.

I have coeliac disease and thats genetic and I have to live with it and at least its controllable with diet.

As some many in Asia have diabetes this community should be invaluable to you all so tell your friends and like I said this is your common its so if you or anyone else would like to be more involved in your Community then please say.

I wish you and your family well with your ongoing diabetes.

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sandybrown in reply to

There is Asian culture, Asians do not want to tell others that they have health problems! This is true in UK. One I was in a family get together, my brother asked who is a professor asked one of my relative do you have type 2 diabetes because he was over weight, the reply was I have no health problems!!!

On the way home we had a discussion on health denial?

In India and Sri Lanka where I come from, people are scared to go to see a doctor because of the cost of medication and taking the medication on time. This is reality.

As I am in UK, I have access to free health care but I decided on life style change rather then medication.

NHS protocol, NHS is happy to spend the money on medication rather then medication.

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This is very interesting so thanks for this insight so for everyone’s sake let’s demystify this as denial is not the treatment for diabetes and it’s up us to spread awareness of diabetes and how it can be reversed or controlled with diet as well as meds.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to know if they are diabetic or pre-diabetic with no ifs or buts and we will have to get this message over so thanks again for this insight as we can now try and overcome this barrier to diagnosis.

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StillConcerned in reply to Mohannandigana1952

Could it be that the way you eat culturally pre-disposes you to diabetes? The advice to reduce ghee and other natural fats has worsened the situation, not improved it. Cutting fat from meat or dairy detrimentally causes abnormally high amounts of insulin, exacerbating insulin-resistance.

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NHS, gives UK statistical information on cost. When I went on life style change to control my HbA1C number, was able to control it and wanted to give a talk at my GP practice for newly identified type 2 people, this was declined. Why?

NHS protocol?

Who is making money? Who is spending money?

Life style change is simple and cost nothing to both parties but only a few GP's are doing this.

My diabetic nurse said take medication, we can adjust the dosage. I asked for a different medication, I was told I do not qualify for it!

And my policy is to enjoy one-life.

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