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I'm new here

How to control my blood sugar levels,I have 140-250

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Welcome to the group. Please continue posting and commenting, asking questions, reading and replying to the other members, take a look at the Topics/Events/Polls sections for ideas and information and of course, meet the other members of the group. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Are you type 1, 1.5 (LADA) or type 2? Are you on any medication or insulin with medication? An exercise routine and a low carb high fat or low carb high protein diet? What did you find out from your doctor? When was your last appointment?


Dear Bhaskar, Please let me know what age group you belong to and are you involved in any physical activity like doing exercises or going for a walk. Please let me know.


I walk daily,2to3 hours early morning and evening


Physical activity is important but not to this level . Why don't you follow VRK diet program / programs of DR Khader vali .


Don't walk keeping yourself hungry. Eat some snacks.

If your early morning sugar is high and you walk with it, the bs will increase.

After every meal after 45min u walk for 20 to 30min.

Eat salad with every meal.

Eat small meals may be 5 times.


Diabetes raises inflammation and oxidative stress levels which cause other psychosomatic problems also. Good intake of probiotics eliminates or ameliarates symptoms like inflammation , insulin resistance , oxidative stress etc . Probiotics stop neuro degeneration and increase dopamine levels . They also lower the levels of LDL , vldl , Tryglycerides and elevate Hdl cholesterol level . High fat diet causes probiotic loss and disturbs the gut bacteria . To promote healthy gut bacteria diet of low fat , low carb , low sugar , high fruit , high vegetable with complex fibers , and increased fermented dairy products should be taken . This practice makes one healthy with out any problems like Diabetes , Parkinsons , Bipolar and Mood disorders . Children with ADHD should be given such diet . DietS with excess fat or excess sugar both are equally bad . To stop food cravings which cause excess intake 4 small meals with a small nibling in between can be taken .That frequent intake of food causes a load on pancreas is a wrong conclusion .When a big meal takes longer time to digest a small meal takes only half of that time . Thus the load is almost same in both the cases .


You have not stated about diabetes history. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by diet, exercise and medications. The most common medications prescribed for type 2diabetes are Metformin and Glimepiride (generic names).

Purchase a glucometer and check blood sugar level.

You may undergo HbA1c test. The target level is below 7%.

Study more about diabetes and it's complications.














Dear Basker, First are you diabetic? Have you tested and declared by a doctor. Then only u can take medicine. Anyway better do some excercise and diet control.


Follow LCHF

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Get yourself tested at a lab and report the results here e.g. FBS, PPBS, HbA1c. In general, LCHF diet is very effective in controlling blood sugar.


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