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Jardiance (new drug)

Jardiance is the only current drug proven to lower blood sugar while reducing CVD by 38%.

It lowers sugar via the kidneys and urine output. It can eliminate almost 300 calories or about 73 teaspoons of sugar from the blood over a 24 hour period.

This is huge potential for type2 diabetics that restrict carbohydrates because with it they can modestly increase their carbohydrates without increasing blood sugar levels.

I currently eat 30 to 40 grams a day of carbs. This drug might allow me to get to 100 to 150 grams without adversely impacting my sugar levels.

1st though you need to know if you're still secreting enough insulin or too little or too much though. Then you can create a plan around carbohydrate consumption and jardiance...

Remember CVD in diabetics is usually associated with over secreting of insulin. High serum cholesterol and not do much the sugar. High sugar is bad over long periods of time, high insulin causes arterial inflammation which allows high calcium I'm your blood to clog and harden arteries.

Jardiance shows an unbelievable 38% reduction of CVD factors....That's awesome....

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Please answer the following:

1.How to know whether secreted insulin is under limit?

2.How full amount of secreted insulin may be utilized?


You must get a fasting gluclose tolerance test. It tells you how much insulin you secrete based on x# of carbohydrates consumed and how quickly or slowly your blood sugar returns or lowers in response to consued carbohydrates.

This test will help in understanding how well or poorly your pancreas is operating.

If oversecretion is your issue then strict low carbohydrate is beneficial, along with a drug that improves insulin sensitivity or one that expels sugar from your blood his the kidney urine pathway.

If you n under secret insulin then insulin injections of small doses before meals will help, provided your cause is limited to just low insulin output. However you still most benefit from restricting carbs to lower insulin requirments.

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Which situation is better,blood sugar level returns to normal value rapidly or slowly?


Look at it this way...

A normal nondiabetic person almost always runs from 80 to 120 even after eating a meal, even if that person ate a sweet desert.

So, it's never good to ever be outside this range of 80 to 120. So the quicker you return to this range the better always. It's best to tightly control your sugar levels as close to the normal range as possible always.

But hey, that's tough to do without proper low carbohydrate dieting, without drugs or insulin if you're going to ignore diet.

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OK.Got it.Thanks!


Why are you not giving details here?


You have not mentioned diabetes!Do you also supply medicines for it?


OK!Which medicines are for diabetes,how is their response and what is their cost?




Post the images!


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That image shows only effect of diabetes not effect of your medicines!


You combine both images to get a single image then only it will serve its purpose.


where can I get Jardiance. Is there any side effect after taking this drug.



What is jardiance ? Where can on get this & what is the dose of it?

Pl. Reply.


This drug is SGLT-2 inhibitor. These drugs are new class of drugs .Effects of prolonged use are not known. The action of the drug is opposite to what we try to avoid, passing glucose through urine. :(




Well anything consumed including healthy foods can have a side effect ; just look at how people have some allergies... Some people can't eat peanuts, some people can't eat salads that are treated to keep them green, etc... Drugs are no different.

Jardiance is an approved FDA proven drug that lowers AIC and lowers the morbidity rate for diabetics by 38% in clinical testing.

The most common side effects are yeast infections (I assume mostly in women) due to sugar content within the urine. Cleanliness is critical to reduce this side effect. Also one must have healthy kidney function to use the drug. But think about it this way-- if you have high blood sugar, your kidneys are regularly also taxed from the high blood sugar. Blood in your body is high with sugar-- then all your organs are bombarded with this high sugar. You take a shot or take pills to keep this sugar at a manageable rate.

Jardiance causes some of the sugar in your blood that flows through the kidney already anyway to spill into your bladder. It does this very efficiently. So yes, they are doing the opposite of what they used to not like to see... That is many folks were diagnosed with diabetes because it was discovered you had seepage of sugar into your urine-- by your kidneys... This then resulted in your doctor to prescribe a medicine to lower you blood sugar and eliminate high sugar dumping into your urine. But, it seems they now realize-- hey-- if we can get you to regularly dump sugar to your urine-- doesn't that also not help control and manage your diabetes? I think it does and in many cases this is going to be a godsend for anyone trying to avoid INSULIN Shots if they can use this drug without adverse issue for their kidneys. If you can take this drug and spill sugar into your bladder 24 hours a day--- your blood sugars will greatly be in control because they are insuring you regularly spill excess sugars into your pee...

I think this is great news, and when you consider it with the wonderful clinical trials even better. Also there are several other commercial drugs that operate like Jardiance-- such as Farxiga, and Invokanna. But only Jardiance has the proven clinical trial to establish it as the home run hitter.

Remember-- 1000's of people die every year taking insulin injections due to low blood sugar. Oral medications like this should be offered to diabetics as candy is to a baby in my opinion--- sure some people may not tolerate it well, but the more people on it-- will show us more and they can continue to improve it to eventually having a wonder drug for diabetics. I see this all as great progress!


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