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Insulin level- Type 2


Hi All, I have type 2 diabetes with HBA1C of around 7.0. I am 46 with 25 BMI. I manage to get my sugar level under control through lifestyle and exercise etc. Recently I got my insulin tests done based on a friend's advice. Fasting levels were 8.2 and the after meal was 35. They do fall in the acceptable range but on the lower side. Is anyone aware of this test and if these levels are low or alright. Thanks

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35 post meal is higher than recommended 30 levels. You didn't mention about your diet. A1c is quite high 5.6 and less being our target. Do idm and you can control your diabetes still better.

anilrajpal in reply to suramo

Thank you so much for your response Suramo ji. I think mentally I had kept the target of HBA1C at 7 so I need to have a revised target and plan accordingly.

I take oat milk and eggs during morning . Fruits as snacks Roti Sabjhi and dal during lunch and dinner. Dinner is generally late around 9 and I plan to have it early. Carbs are around 220 gms a day..I don't kmkw what is practically good levels. I exerise regularly. Let me know what you think.

You mentioned ODM. What does gnat mean.

suramoStar in reply to anilrajpal

It's idm.Intensive dietary management.

Check your 1 hr bs after taking oats.

Roti.High carb.

Don't know how long have you been here but lchf concept allows maximum 100 g carbs.Id recommend as less carbs as possible.

Dinner at least 2 hrs before going to bed.

Try IF.

anilrajpal in reply to suramo

Many thanks for your response. I shall reduce the carbs


Insulin levels are not low. In fact, they are slightly on the higher side but it has to be seen along with fasting glucose measured from same blood sample. Then, IR can be calculated.

You still have high blood sugar. Reduce carb intake and lose some weight so that your BMI becomes less than 23.

anilrajpal in reply to Praveen55

Many thanks Praveen ji. You are right in recommending BMI target of less than 23. As a mater of fact I have fat content of 30% with belly fat contributing the maximum. So I shall go fot it now.

On the insulin test thanks for very useful insight of getting the sugar level checked with the same sample. Is there any number to measure IR?

You misunderstand the principle of insulin level, it is better to have the value close to minimum than close to maximum, just like blood glucose level, though the limit of fasting insulin is < 25, it is much better to have < 5, is that confusing?

you can calculate your insulin resistance here

the lower the fasting insulin or glucose or both, the lower your insulin resistance, lower means better here, as the lower the resistance the more sensitive your body to insulin which means you can make the most of the insulin, the higher your insulin resistance the more resistant your body to insulin which means you can NOT make use of the insulin, got it?

anilrajpal in reply to nyonyo

Okay. My understanding of the insulin levels was just the opposite. What does my number tell you about the health of the pancreas capacity to produce insulin?

Also, I calculated the IR and the number was 2.8. Which means that there is a high IR- so reduction of fat (I have 30% body fat) should be my primary goal assuming that pancreas healthy enough to produce the insulin in right qty.

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