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My wife is suffering from PCOS problem which is delaying the pregnancy , our doctor said that those who have PCOS have high level of insulin in the body and will make the irregular periods much worse. Because of this high levels of high level of blood sugar the brain may not even choose a good egg for release in the women body.

Doctor asked to eat Menthi seeds and Karela daily and do lot of excessive to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels , this will help to support the medication what she is giving for conceiving .

My question is can we eat both Menthi seeds and Karela juice at a time in the morning on empty stomach daily .



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  • Yes, both methi & karela are mentioned in ancient texts which have the potential to decrease blood sugar levels & can be taken together. Of course, many patented herbal medicines contain these 2 herbs along with other ingredients. Do verify the dosage with your doctor.

  • I can help you with your PCOD with our self-made herbal medicines. You can contact me at drkarthikbhms2015@gmail if you want a try.

  • My Wife is suffering from PCOD since 2011 and has irregular periods with heavy bleeding. Kindly sent formula of your self made herbal medicines.

  • The ingredients are manjal, seendhil, amla, kadukkai, thanrikkai, karisalai, aloe vera, avarampoo, neem, colostrum, murungai ilai, pattai, sukku, milagu, thippili, spirulina, ashwagandha, vilvam, vallarai alias brahmi, methi, tulsi, vasambu, black cumin, etc. I prepare 80% of medicines whereas 20% are brought elsewhere because of soil edibility, financial issues, time & labour problems. I combine different herbs in various ratios depending upon the underlying condition. As far as I have treated, the self-made medicines are much powerful, act deeply & give results quickly.

  • Only way to reduce insulin in blood is LCHF diet

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    All these karela juice and methi seeds can never cover a bad diet. Eating high carbs and then exercising isn't going to reduce IR appreciably. If you don' cut carbs, doctors would be to happy to put her on HRT.

    Anyways, besides cutting down carbs inatke drastically and replacing with good fat, put her on 30 grams freshly ground flaxseed powder daily.

  • The primary treatment of insulin resistance is exercise and weight loss.


  • My DIL (nephew's wife) is nearly under weight and she is dx'd PCOS just recently last month and has no IR. So she gets her weight down still further? She does Zumba daily and yet she got PCOS :)

  • Eat less of the foods that raise insulin levels ; have a little more natural fat instead.

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