Poverty a leading cause of Type 2 Diabetes,studies say,

Latest researches say that,it is living in poverty that can double or triple the likely hood of developing diabetes.

rsearchers have analysed two sets of data,canadian community health survey and national health population health survey,published in journal "Health Policy".

Generally speaking, subjects who lived in poverty during 12 yr. study period had a41%geater chance of developing disease.

What it is exactly about living in poverty that contributes to type 2 diabetes_

__there is chronic stress of low income that can adversely affect health. The strain of being short on money and living in inadequate housing, can spike levels of cortisol.Prolonged elevated levels can cause highblood sugar


__Nutritional levels-malnutrition,deficiency of multiple vitamins and minerals are all contributory factors,

Low birth weight,deprivation as a youngster raises a childs risks apart from other conditions, of diabetes.

In nut shell prolonged systematic stress and lack of its control eventually leads to higher cortisol levels among other things and this literally messes up the ability of body to ese available insulin.


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  • High levels of stress hormone (cortisol) is one of the biggest cause of type2 diabetes and CVD.

  • There's another side of this too:


  • If you read very care fully the hypothesis only supports about poverty being leading cause of diabetes.One thing more please try to write extracts and not just refer to a web page.It will save time and energy of fellow members.

  • There's a difference between staying in poverty being the cause and emerging from poverty being the cause. BTW, copy paste of others work/research/study without attribution is against journalistic ethics as per copyright laws. Many forums strictly prohibit copy paste from other sites as DMCA can cause troubles for webmaster that manages the sites where copy paste is rampant.

    I don't think you should be the one demand the unethical rules here. If you think it wastes time don't read it.

  • I did not ask you to cut, copy and paste.It is the summary of text that you wanted to put forward .No ethics is involved .

  • Summary of the text is also copy paste. I prefer to provide attribution by directly linking to websites. diabetesforum.com insists on linking to websites. On the other hand, without proper attribution the whole text may just be hot air.

  • Summary followed by web linkage would be more appropriate.

  • So first practice before preaching. I don't see a weblink in your summary.

    Moreover, i don't think you can be the one telling me what to do and how to do. I will still post links as that's more convenient for me.

  • If need be I will post the link.No one can prevent what others are doing neither you nor I.

  • If need be I will post the link.No one can prevent what others are doing neither you nor I.

  • So, then why did you suggest when i posted the link. As i said, practice what you preach first. You started it.

  • Only because links are lengthy and to pick out important points is time consuming affair.When a link is posted in reply then before responding it becomes imperative to go through that link.

  • But, who are you to tell me how to post?

  • Then who are you to say eat this or eat that.

  • You are DIVERTING :D :D

    BTW people listened and 150+ switched to LCHF.

    I'll keep doing that as people are looking for "SOLUTIONS" and not academic discussions.

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