garlic mayonnaise dip with two pieces of chicken nuggets amazed to see FBS 90 mg/dl

Hi everyone, I had two pieces of chicken nuggets with 30 grams of garlic mayonnaise dip (paste) one hour prior my bedtime. I checked my FBS as i do almost everyday, i was amazed to see my blood sugar level 90 mg/dl. I tried eating the same last night and the Fasting Blood Sugar level was 89 mg/dl.

Never my FBS was below 106 for all these months.

I think the garlic mayonnaise dip is the reason for this. I used to have chicken alone without garlic dip but the FBS was above 100 always.

any ideas / suggestions from the experienced gentlemen...


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15 Replies

  • Congratulations 'jaffy' for fantastic control over BS levels. Keep it up. Experiment is always encouraging if you can manage your condition very effectively. Garlic has the antiglycemic effect, it may happen due to that.

    Anyway, congrats again and good luck.

  • I also noticed that whenever I eat raw garlic with same moong sprout, my BS readings are less.But never gave it so much importance:):) Now i will take a note of it

  • Hi, that's good to know!plz. Tell did u have any bread or roti or some rice with it ?was all that ur dinner ? Just 2 pieces of chicken?

  • I actually eat two small chapatis with garlic mayonnaise dip plus two chicken nuggets.

    I control carbs intake.

    I think this is the effect of garlic mayonnaise dip.

    Awaiting Mr. Anup's response. He will enlighten us.

  • The reason is that your chicken and mayo is a LCHF meal (assuming you left out the rice of course). No rice, chapatis etc means you won't be spiking your blood sugar!

  • I agree that LCHF is science and reducing carb to a limit works well for many problems but I think you making LCHF a "magic" LCHF can be reason behind reduced the bs reading after adding garlic mayonnaise ?

  • what is mayonnaise? how to prepare it,can any body enlighten me.thanks

  • Mayonnaise is having high fat isn't it? fat loading slows down stomach emptying.

  • Fish oil is also fat ...right??If I take fish oil with same meal Fasting Sugar levels are 4-6 higher...How can we explain this?

  • Probably something to do with SFA in Mayonnaise. No?

    That's why I love SFA and specially SFA from VCO :)

  • Hi,

    It would have been if you take BS reading after 1 hour ,2 hours from first bite of food which will give correct idea of BS levels .

    Ramesh Rao

  • Hi Rameshrao,

    i checked the BS after eating the above one hour later it was 116

  • Is it Garlic mayonnaise bought from supermarket like Heinze etc or thoom (garlic dip) which is given in the restaurants especially the Turkish restaurants.?

  • It's thoom given in restaurant

  • Fat slows the digestion of carbohydrate, pure and simple, but we still have to control the amount of carbohydrate eaten.

    Consider the quality of the food too; shop bought mayo will be laden with processed oils.

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