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Numbness in fingers


I m a diabetic from past 2.5 yrs. I used to take gemer .5mg in the morning and at night. Everything was ok till past 6 months though the b.s. Levels were between 90 and 130. But I then noticed that my b.s. Is going up. With or without tablets it was the same, my f b s was 150 and PP 190.

I stopped taking tablets and tried to control with diet.

When ever I eat properly though my BS is 150 and 180, I am alright but when I eat less there's numbness in my fingers of left hand and the whole hand aches,cannot sleep at night, hungry,etc

I read somewhere that if u don't eat enough food, numbness may develop.

Please share your knowledge if somebody is going through or went through the same situation. Thanks for taking time to read.

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You must consult your Doctor who would advise the correct medicine for your diabetes. The numbness in the fingers may be due to nueropathy due to high blood sugar or general weakness. Get your HbA1c checked. You can take multivitamin multi mineral supplement which may reduce numbness. It is better you consult a competent Diabetologist for proper treatment. Dont stop medicines without consulting Doctor

Santoshi2203 in reply to Rakesh

Thank you for the reply, I will consult.

I think you should consult your diabetologist immediately before taking any decision.

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