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Type 1 diabetes

Hi all,I am karthik from mysore working in bank.I am having type 1diabetes since March 2015 n I'm not able to control below 200 since then..Only once I had brought down under 140 once..urine blood sugar is also high hb1ac is between 9 -12..now I have got little bit eye blur..I'm on ayurveda medication since I'm not interested in insulin but some doctors say type 2 diabetes..lot of stress also a major factor in my life..planning to quit my job..please guide me..gradually into depression..please help me..thank you..

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Dear Kartik,if you are a confirmed type 1 diabetic then apart from insulin there is no alternative therapy,you can continue your job provided your blood sugars are under control


Type 1 diabetics have to be on insulin.You can live long and healthy life being type 1.Search on net you will find lot many type 1 living happily.Buy Dr Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes solution" book.He has type 1 Diabetes for last 70 years.He is now 82.


by leaving the job you will become non diabetic?

Read more on the deficiency and change your life style.

nothing is permanent even your stress. overnight you can't become type 1 diabetic. only detected now.

Carbohydrate reduction and consulting a good doctor will solve your problem


dear Karthik

Diabetic is not disesase for which you leave job.No and not good .Even type I diabetic control your carbs food and regualr excerise with youga for your releavie of office stress and tension .Also what ever tension leave at office and donot take to home .

be cheerful and fight with diabetic you can live many years I am also diabetic person from last 1999 almost 17 years initially my diabetic not able to control some time it goes 400 .Now after all our friend guide with help of LCHF .i was started LCHF from last year now my sugar level 100-110 BPS with half dosage of medicine.Hopefully i can mange my sugar level without medicine as soon as possible

best of luck


I think dlife.in will be able to help you, no harm in checking it out. Whatever you do, with such high Hba1c you need help, donot delay! All the best.

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thanks a lot everyone my bs levels has been gradually improving..from day to day..


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