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Diabetes type 1


Hi, my niece has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she is 11. Anyone knows if it can be cured permanently by homeopathic medicine. Thanks

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Till date no cure.Type 1 and 2 can be only controlled.

ITS SHOCKING THAT SHE IS ONLY 11 YRS. OLD...I will suggest you to go with ayurvedic medicines and dont go for allopath medicines because she has to take medicines for long time.....I am giving ayurvedic medicine to my bhanji and her sugar level is controlled now ....she is 14 yrs old..

My daughter same age was just diagnosed last week with type 1 diabetes and DKA (ketoacidosis)... Any information that might help us deal with this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... we'll try anything (safe of course) to try to help her out.

Thank you!

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