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Shashidhara Murthy


I am 62 years. Diabetic since 12 years and hypertensive since 19 years. Undergone CABG 6 years back. My fasting sugar is 140, PPBS is 155 and Hb1Ac is 9.6. I do not have any symptoms/ problems physically like what other Diabetic patients have. Taking Glycomet 500 mg twice for 12 years and Tenepride 20 mg once a day in the night since 3 weeks in addition to BP and cholesterol medicines. I am worried about sugar not coming down. I do walk for 45 minutes daily.

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Diabetes symptoms are not always apparent.You have to take corrective measures to bring down sugar levels.If you are taking same medicine for the past twelve years without controlling sugar levels,probably it is time change medicines.How often do you consult your doctor?Try proper diet management by switching to food items with low glycemic index.You can get more information on the subject by using the search function on this web page.Since you are also hypertensive,high blood sugar could cause problems.Better to consult speciality diabetes clinic.

tanviyadav in reply to ramana42

Thank you Sir. Hike in sugar level readings has been since 6-8 months. While Glycomet consumption is since 12 years, the Tenepride 20mg once a day has been since 3 weeks. I consult Cardiologist once in 6 months who also prescribes Sugar medicines. Due to hike in sugar readings, I have consulted Diabetes Specialist 3 weeks ago who prescribed Tenepride as an addition.


What I do not understand is your high HbA1c of 9.6%. That does not make sense with PPBS of 155 and FBS of 140 because the average blood glucose must be between 140 and 155

Average of 145 gives me HbA1c of 6.6%

Average of 150 gives me HbA1c of 6.8%

Average of 155 gives me HbA1c of 7%.

The HbA1c of 9.6% means the average blood glucose has to be 228.6 and therefore PPBS must be even higher.

Only thing I can think of is - HbA1c refers to the past three months blood glucose where as FBS and PPBS are current values, which means your blood sugar levels have improved recently. Or perhaps your post-meal peak is much higher say > 250 occurring one hour after the meal increasing the average. Worth investigating further in consultation with your doctor.

Whatever is the case, it should be fixable with proper diets.

tanviyadav in reply to Praveen55

Thank you Sir

Please cut down on Carbohydrates & watch the results for a few days. You may also go for intermittent fasting. It would surely help. There is enough information on this on internet. Wish you good health.

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