I am not diabetic but was diagnosed with insulin resistance a few years ago. I was prescribed Metformin (500 mg x 3) but, before I had a chance to start it, I stumbled upon an article about Berberine and have been taking it since (500 mg x 3). My cravings are gone, and I have lost 20 kilograms rather effortlessly (without dieting). I no longer need to snack between meals, but just stick to three main meals a day.

However, I just stumbled upon this article which I find rather worrying, although I am not sure how much faith I should put in it:

Has anyone else successfully tried Berberine and, if so, do you plan to stay on it long-term? I have to admit I'd find it difficult to stop taking it as it has proven so helpful to lower my blood sugar and insulin levels (both have gone from top of normal lab range to below midrange after 12 h fasting).


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  • anna69

    berberin is said to whip pancreas to release insulin. It's akin to su drugs. Stop taking berberine and start lchf diet, exercise and yoga to control your bs.

  • bhai suramo

    I differ...I am taking Liv D 38 by Patanjali 2 tabs at morning and 2 tabs at evening for last 3 months...'Daruharidra' which contains Berberine is included as one of the ingredient along with other herbs in Liv d 38

    By fasting insulin is 7 ....which was 10+at the time of diagnosis. should not consume any medicine(herbal or otherwise) for longer time...

    Best way is to control Diabetes is diet (low carb Diet) and exercise....

    In order to heal liver...and to get faster results .....for shorter time we can opt for some herbs( as besides herbs we do not have any other options to help our liver to heal faster)

  • cure

    Hi big bro. How are you ?

    Please let's know the machanism of action of berberine. You are the master of herbs.

    " should not consume any medicine(herbal or otherwise) for longer time...". You are sounding like endos. Day in and day out i have debate with my fellows and endos. They say drugs should be started and i'm of the opposite opinion. Endos have many bizarre concepts.

    1) even preD should be put on metformin

    2) after 40 everyone should take statins and ecosprin.

    First of all D is absolutely a different kind of "disease ". We take the food - carbs - which we can't burn off. And carbs are not at all necessary for our survival. I firmly believe that once a t2d "patient " start taking low carb or keto diet his / her physical condition starts to reverse to normal or near normal . No need to take any medicine except in few cases like undergoing a surgery etc.

    I have seen many patients having gross K failure and on dialysis. S cr 10. Advised renal transplant but not keto diet. It's really very frustrating to find such patients and doctors .

  • anna69

    "I am not diabetic but was diagnosed with insulin resistance a few years ago"

    Would you please explain.

  • That means that my fasting (12 h after eating) insulin and blood sugar levels were in range, but high in range (close to upper normal limit).

  • Any medicine even herbs should not be taken for too long . After taking for some time we have to stop for some time and try other herbs which are equally efficacious. In case of food also we don't take same thing day in and day out . We go by the seasonal vegetables and fruits.

  • swathy

    What is the logic of

    1) taking herbs a must

    2) switching herbs ??

  • Many studies conducted on turmeric concluded that Berberine present in turmeric controls and cures in some cases high BP , high cholesterol , excess weight and even high blood sugar . But to see the result atleast 4 months period is needed . Even if taken for more period not much harm is seen . But since we were told that excess of any thing is not good I have been telling to take for 3 to 4 months.After some time giving a gap of one or two months , again the same or any other herb which comes some where near that herb can be taken . Now coming to the point of why herbs --- no modern medicine is safe . When sugar levels are high to get immediate reduction Metformin may be taken . But the main constituent of metformin is hydrochloric acid and it is not good to take any acid for long in any form . Turmeric ,zinger , zeera , pepper ,Dhania ,bay leaf , fenugreek etc all are natural ingredients which have been used since thousands of years in cooking in many parts of the world with out any bad results . Even then any thing in excess is not good . So to get immediate effect modern medicine is taken , and to continue the good results ,to avoid any relapses herbs should be taken . If this procedure is followed for an year or so one would get complete relief from any disorder .Even cancer is also due to wrong life style in most of the cases .

  • Turmeric or Tree turmeric? Berberine is in "Tree turmeric"

    Are they same?

    IMHO, the answer is NO!

    Berberine acts like MF.

    MF doesn't reduce levels immediately. It takes a week or two for levels to build up in liver, before it starts acting fully.

    So, if one is taking Berberine, MF has to be dropped.

    Read some papers by Prof Tim Noakes. He used Berberine + Turmeric. So obviously, Berberine is not in Turmeric. He has some experiments/data on this.

    This is why madam, I ask for science. A new user would be confused/misguided when it is said that turmeric contains berberine.

  • I am talking about curcuma longa But even tree turmeric has all the properties which are very good and give excellent results when compared to drugs used for different ailments ----drugs used as-- anticoagulants , steroids , chemotherapy drugs , Arthritis drugs , cholesterol drugs , inflammatory bowel disorders and above all metformin . Curcuma longa even taken in the form of turmeric powder is the best for sugar control.Many of our group members tested for various ailments including DIABETES .

  • My question was very specific. But you completely ignored Berberine in your answer and switched to Turmeric (curcumin).

    I will repeat my qstn again:

    Is berberine present in Turmeric or Turmeric Tree? Are both same?

    I will leave it for cure to answer this specifically.

  • There is a slight difference . But both have curcumin . I am talking about curcuma longa ---ordinary turmeric powder which is used in our cooking.

  • Can you pl keep focused on the question? Berberine is the question and not curcumin.

  • I am talking about curcumine . Yes , there is some difference in both varieties as far as berberine is concerned . But curcumine is present in both as per my limited knowledge .Only CURE has to clarify . Curcumine acts in controlling sugar as per my experience .Experience is different from knowledge.

  • Accept that you made a wrong statement about Berberine instead of going back and forth. I think you are shifting goal posts if you look at your own post -- excerpt below:

    Many studies conducted on turmeric concluded that Berberine present in turmeric controls and cures in some cases high BP

    Yea as per my experience reducing kerosene consumption increases diabetes too ;)

  • Curcuma longa (Common turmeric/haldi) and berberine found in herb Daruharidra /berberis Aristata are different...

    Both acts on liver...

    As per traditional practice of ayurveda..daruharidra is prescribed in female infertility..

    Some of books even suggest same immediately after delivery of child...

    Thus traditionally it is considered safe...

    However...we must understand that this is medicine and not food...

    We should not continue taking same for longer time....

    Here @anup bhai suramo me.. Shashikantiyengar and all are striving to remain medicine free...

    I think anup is already medicine free... @shashikantiyengar is almost medicine free...

    But Anup is hath for him going extreme diet is possible...

    We must understand that besides herbs we do not have any other options to treat our liver..( could be other option)

    And to my understanding Diabetes at initial stage is malfunction of liver...

    As swathy mentions..Hip to waist also dependent on same..

  • I think anup is already medicine free...

    Yes I am still medicine free and even HERBS free. I hardly take Ashvagandha these days. Have never taken any pill to control sugar levels. Now into seventh year.

    However, there's one person here who thinks I am a liar when I say I am not taking any medicines. Not naming him/her here :)

    My "Hath Yoga" revolves around my meter. I don't go by the POPULAR OPINIONS of 300BC because what was avg life expectancy back then? Even at independence of India it was in mid 40's ;)

  • My "Hath Yoga" revolves around my meter. are always within limits for long time... but still u experiment so many recent higher doses of Vit.'C'...

    Last time you also experimented with 'Fats fast'..really curious to know the outcome...

  • Fat Fast == Ketogenic trials. That was for moving to "Nutritional Ketosis" faster.

    The +ve outcome is I am off grains by and large since march 2016. Ketogenic diet for long term is difficult for Indians.

    On Vit C watch this stalwart. He must have treated more than 15000 different cases on Mega doses of Vit C

  • LOL Bhai also what other things you do...(your experiments) are also impossible for mortals like me :(

  • Currently only focused on Vit C.

    Trying to get to Bowel Intolerance dose which should be around 15g VitC/day. Looking for Ascorbic Acid powder from reliable suppliers. :)

  • Ok...but what is the objective of this experiment???

  • Monocytes carry 80 times Vit C :)

    So trying to get to mega doses and see what differences does it make. Make immune system robust. Also, smoking takes of 500mg in my case -- 1 stick = 25mg gone

    One visible change within a few days -- ear wax has gone from gooyee to dry.

  • hmmm this is same like what doctors advice... eat carbs and then take medicines to lower sugar...

    So best thing is to control portion size..

    on same lines you may opt to reduce number of sticks..

    Enjoy life....don't worry so are inspiration for all of us...

  • Well, yes I have to cut down on sticks.

    But, Vit C mega dose is also beyond that. Also, it's not a DRUG :)

  • But cure , what about glucagon . In case of high protein meals glucagon levels in the blood raise and in case of high carb meals glucagon levels fall which prevent the blood glucose raising . So for a change the attention can be with drawn form insulin to glucagon so that spikes may not take place in blood glucose. Mucus , pepsin and hydrochloric acid ---the mixture of these three is known as gastric juice . So according to me hydrochloric acid is also one of the contenders for the insulin malfunction which is giving positive results when prescribed in the form of metformin .So I hope enough attention be paid to glucagon and hydrochloric acid .

  • well besides beta cells there are many factors working in order to control BS...

    Ofcoz modern medicines are working on same...

    and recent DPP4 blockers are result of the same.

    may be Bhai @suramo will enlighten us better on this issue.

  • What's the source/type of protein?

    Plant or animal?

    Intact or hydrolysate?

    There's no sweeping generalization on Glucagon response versus proteins.

    Also, what is definition of HIGH PROTEIN diet? "HIGH" wrt what baseline and for whom?

    I don't think anyone is following High Protein diet here. 20% protein in diet is not high by any definition.

  • Yes daruharidra has berberine and turmeric powder has curcumine and both act on the liver . We in our group advised many people to take turmeric paste for a period of 4 months as it is safe , inexpensive , gives relief from many problems like infections , inflammations , digestive disturbances , BP, Cholesterol , excess weight , blood sugar .etc .Like a member pointed out it is not an opinion but practical observation .We are all free from medicines ----modern medicines , of course taking herbs .

  • Yes Curcumin is really wonderful thing for our body...

    Every day I am including turmeric achar in my food.

  • There's no logic of HERBS.

    It's just a waste of money if one is trying to reduce sugar on High Carb diet through herbs.

  • @Anup

    I don't understand why the whole world is after medicines, herbs ( which i consider medicines or say crude medicines ) to "cure" or control D. It's a simple fact that we are not able to clear carbs from our blood and the raised glucose level cause harm to our body. So we should not eat carbs.

    In a recent cme on nafld, the no 1 diabetologist affiliated to apollo hospital was the speaker and when i said that nothing but low carb diet would heal nafld i was literally shocked to find him saying that the low carb diet is a new concept 🐒🐒🐒🐒. The doctors and everybody has been so much disguised that they want to treat t2D by drugs. Another misconception deeply engrossed in the minds of people and doctors is about cholesterol and fat free diet. Everybody seems to have switched off their thought process. Just stop taking carbs. Accept that that's our destiny. Not to take carbs. And that's it. Difficult to follow noncarb diet but not impossible.

  • To clear the air on Berberine ;)

    LC diet is a new concept for the illiterate doctors. Did you follow the recent litigation agaunst Prof Tim Noakes in SA, at the best of sugar lobby sponsored so called Dietitians? For most men in white coat:

    LCHF = Ketogenic diet.

    Even a endo with 40 years experience and on answered with same nonsense when I told him about 100g carbs LCHF. People don't even know when ketosis sets in and they flash their degrees when challenged with studies and details.

    I think we individuals know more about Diet than dietitians and doctors combined, in general.

    On FATS:

    These guys mix up Dietary Fat and LIPOGENISIS. Pathetic!

    So simple thing they cannot wrap their heads around?

  • @Anup

    So what's wrong with keto diet ?

  • Nothing if one can stick to it.

    But keto is a Subset of LCHF and not LCHF per se' :)

  • @Anup

    There is no logic in anything except low carb low protein ( .75 - .8 g / kg body weight ) and high fat diet, exercise and yoga. High protein diet is said to upregulate mTor system responsible for cell divisions and thus cancer production.

  • Yes sir.

    When doing weights, proteins can be bumped up.

    As of now I am reading more about "MEGA DOSES" of Vitamin C and doing experiments :)

  • @Anup

    Good but any water soluble vitamin taken in excess will be excreted in urine or sweat. So no harm imho. Even i'm taking excessive lemon juice.

  • Vit C and Lemon juice.

    On Mega doses of Vit C, always take Lemon water also :)

    Currently I am in the 6.0 to Want to move to "Bowel Tolerance" dose but for that will need ascorbic acid powder as thru limcee one cannot reach that levels.

  • @Anup

    I'm taking almost 3 lemons in water daily. Can't say anything. It's rind / zest contains more vit c. If we can grate that and add to our food

  • I would rather invest in Walnuts than BERBERINE :D

  • BTW, that blog is of Godmother for Type 2 -- Jenny Ruhl. Every Type 2, who wants to self manage diabetes, is referred to her research.

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