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I am diabetic since last 10 years. Since last seven months, I started using insulin but diabetes could not be controlled. I consulted with doctor and doctor prescribed Trajenta 05 mg tab. Diabetes in control when I used insulin with Trajenta tab but since last 15 days I stopped using Trajenta 05 just because of high price of this medicine. Now sugar level gone more tham 310. Please suggest.


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  • Drugs have failed.

    You really, REALLY need to change the diet that has got you to this sorry state.

    Research LCHF, start here:


    Anup will follow.

  • Thanks sir,

    If u have any diet chart, please share.

    Creatinine and blood urea was also increased but now in control.

    Only now problem with urean bladder.

    Taking medicine Urovoid and Urimix

  • Diet Chart - Nothing fixed.

    Learn Carb, protein fat counting to begin with and cut down carbs to 20% and increase good fat to 60%. If you want more info, send me PM or check my old posts and replies by clicking on my username.

    Serum creat shooting up is a bad sign.

  • Read about long wheat and use it......Search LWMDR and George E M

  • There are many natural which can give little control to your problem.

    1. Cut the Ladiesfinger and soak it over night. Then drink the water mixing with pepper powder.

    2. Eat 5 to 7 small onion daily.

    3. Eat fenugreek.

  • Last 10 years you have been taking medicines prescribed by the doctor. But what have you been eating as food ? I am sure the doctor harped mainly on medicine and you were complecent and eating normal (aka high carb) food.

    There lies the problem my friend. What you ate during the last 10 years landed you to insulin shots. If you follow the same path your doctor will increase the insulin dose and put you on all pills that he knows of. Then after reaching the end of the road, both you and your doctor will be clueless what to do.

    Diet is and should be the first and strongest weapon to fight D. Then comes excesrcise and third comes the medicines.

    Even now you can change your diet and lifestyle. You can reduce drugs and then possibly ro elimiminate altogether.

  • only high carbs are not responsible,but also of high fat,which will bring you other diseases,please be vigilant.

  • @adiabetic2015

    do you agree that we should cut down our carbs intake substantially?

  • Better be with insulin. You may have to change the dose. Consult with Doctor and continue. All the best

  • Sorry my dear.

    Not a very good advice. Insulin will fail gradually. It does not reverse the IR. There are other better options. The first and the most importat is diet management.

  • both are to be down.

  • So what do we survive on? Body muscles?

    Both cannot go down for sure for a protracted period, unless we are ready to survive on body muscles for some time. Proteins cannot go up a lot. So, if carbs are cut, good fat -- including SFA -- has to go up.


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