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Herbs & Spices that attack D

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Which herbs,&,spices, along with coconut oils,& garlic, truly impact all types of diabetes in a beneficial, & positive way? And if so, in what amounts of each in doses would be most effective? And are they most effective in their natural state, vs being in a modified form? Would the "Nut" species family also be a beneficial contributer to defeating the big "D" in addition to herbs, &, spices, along with fruit's, &, veggies, etc? Also,is it true that all mentioned ingredients produce the most potency in liquid form, vs other modifications? I'm guessing the liquid form could be most beneficial for consumption purposes, because wouldn't common sense come in to play, & say hey, there has to be more of the natural elements of each be totally released in liquid form, thereby giving optimal benefits of it's source? Common sense also tells me that since he created us, he also created plants, herbs, & spices, etc., to maintain us when we are in need of healing from sicknesses, illnesses, etc.

12 Replies
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Welcome to DI forum. Thank you for sharing your views and inquiries on the effectiveness of herbs and spices on diabetes. They basically have various health benefits as well as enhancing favour in cooking. I do use a variety of them in my kitchen. Some of spices that have been proven to lower blood sugar like cinnamon and turmeric. There would be a long list of them available online. Importantly, diabetics cannot depend on them to control BSL. As we all know, it's CARBS restrictions that work. Hence, making changes of our lifestyles in diet and exercise is essential no matter we take medication or control it naturally.

Have you found out any herbs and spices that are outstanding in terms of control your BSL?

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Though it is claimed by number of sources various desi products including some spices being effective in control of diabetes but no authentic proof or research results are available about the effectiveness and quantity to be taken for effective reduction of blood sugar.

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Not much of research has been done because there aren't enough funding and you cant patient a natural herb and businessmen cannot make money.

I personally have found herbs like Kalmegh, Kalonji, beetel leaves working like magic in controlling my blood sugar levels.

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Santoshi2203 in reply to barani19

Can you explain how? Dosages and time

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I have been doing a physical work out of at least 60 minutes a day. Please note, i'm not a doctor.

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barani19 ,

I'm going to be sending a private message to you in a few minutes. When I send it, I will let you know to look for it.

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barani19 ,

I have sent the note right now. Please check your private messages.

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Santoshi2203 in reply to Activity2004

Thank you for the reply. I could not find my private messages, where to find?

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barani19Administrator in reply to Santoshi2203

Have just a private message. please check

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Big difference between T2 & T1. If you ate nothing, but very, very low carbs. everyday I think, T2 could possibly do very well. T1 your pancreas does not work at all. Newcastle Diet?

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today I got my tests done. My FBS is 140 and PPS is 263. The PPS value is after they did the Glucose tolerance test. I am 61 yrs and I am not on any diabetes drugs. In the past three months, these changes are seen in my blood sugar levels. My weight which was steady at 87kgs height 172 cms is now 94kgs. I was never a sugar patient till now. what can i do now to avoid medication?

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Every thing I read online tells me diabetes has absolutely nothing to do with DNA!!!! Its an outbreak of some kind!! Not passed down through generations!!! Not inherited from your parents!!!! Mine never had it nor any of their parents!!! I wish I could find a good diet pill along with a good Glucose dissolver!!!! I hike when I can doing at least 6 miles and up but its only about 3 or 4 time a summer but I work around the yard year round! Take the dogs for walks all the time!! Diabetes type two is still taking over my body and my feet are loosing all sensation and when that happens my feet will be amputated and fit with prosthetics!! That scares hell out of me!!!

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