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Diabetic Wound / Foot ulcer

Dear All thanks for the Reply and for your kind information we will not suggest anything on Diabetic or on the diabetic treatment but we are looking only for the Diabetic wound and Diabetic Foot ulcer.. Beacuse Diabetic wound become big issue when its not get treated properly. We are professional people on Diabetic Foot ulcer and Diabetic Wound. Please refer any of your friends or relatives suffering with Either. thanks. selwatts@yahoo.co.in

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I do not have diabetic foot ulcer, but have nimbness in both legs and nervo-burnig. last 36 years i am under diabetc. Any solution to get rid of nerve trouble and nimbness please suggest


Hello Dear,

There is cure for this problem.It is actually called Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.I

was suffering from this problem for the past 6 years and my toes used to have burning sensation continuosly 24x7 But it has now totally disappeared.I changed my Doctor about 4 months back and could feel the effect within 15 days.I visited Dr.Sanjay Khare who operates in navi mumbai.First you have to get your blood count tested and u will find out that your vit.d below average.Thereafter i underwent

NTS therapy which is like neuro transmitter and current passes thru your nerves on the foot.I can tell u confidently now that u can get cured of this problem.For any more details u can call me on my mobile no. 09819178317.



Dear Mr.Suganathan,

Thanks for the Reply. According to your message you are having Diabetic Neuropathy. Please consult with any Podiatric Surgeon or Diabetic Foot Specialist. If you tell me where are you from means we will guide you. Make sure that you are taking care of your Foot very carefully. Thanks.


I am from Trissur,Kerala My contactno is 9961456446 --- Sugathan.


Thanks to all whoever provide me the better tips. thanks again


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