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kidney stones reduction

hi doctors.my age is 20.i had stones in both kidneys.2 in left and 1 in right.in left kidney stone is in the tube.i had surgery last 3 days back.and doctor placed a stent in tube.and another 1 stone is in the kidney only.doctor said it will be dropped through the stent by drinking more water only.is he correct or any other precautions i should follow..before surgey 0.9mm-1.0cm stone is inside the tube and is removed .and now 8-9mm stone in the kidney and i have stent along the tube.stone can come out or not.....????!

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There are four major types of kidney stones.

Calcium is the most common type of stone. Calcium can combine with other substances, such as oxalate (the most common substance), to form the stone.

A uric acid stone may form when your urine contains too much acid.

A struvite stone may form after an infection in your urinary system.

Cystine stones are rare. The disease that causes cystine stones runs in families.

Proponents of this home remedy recommend mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with six to eight ounces of water and drinking the mixture frequently throughout the day, and especially before meal times to help dissolve kidney stones.

If the stone is big (> 7 mm), the same can be removed by ESWL procedure.







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