Kidney infection, serum creatinine is 1.6 (0.6 to 1.25)

Hi All,

I am suffering with kidney infection, serum creatinine is 1.6 (0.6 to 1.25


Weight: 81kg

Please advise

Thanks in advance

Durga Prasad


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9 Replies

  • Usually- you get some pain pelvic area.

    In USA-- usually go to doctor immediately and have been treated with Antibiotics-

    prescription medication.

  • How long did you have the symptoms of the kidney issues? How long does the doctor want you to use the medication, if any has been prescribed?

  • Hi Sir,

    I have gone to Asian gastro enterology 5 months before due to gas problem in stomach.

    In the blood test they found my creatinine 1.5.

    My parents and my brother died due to this kidney failure.

    It might be in the genes.

    Please advise.

  • Hi Sir,

    Good morning,

    I found it in 5 months before.

    The creatinine level is fluctuating 1.4 to 1.7 (taking diet food), till now i did not meet the doctor, my brother suggested me to take medicine cellcept(his creatinine is 2.4) and renal forte (homeopathy).

    In my family 5 members are died due to this same problem (their ages around 40 to 65).

    So we decided that this is jeans problem.

    I have no sugar and bp

    Thank you very much for reply

    Durga prasad

  • Hi sdprasad307,

    I will send you a pm (private message) in a few minutes. Please look for it. It's okay.

  • sdprasad307,

    I had sent the note for you right now. Please check.

  • Please consult a nephrologist for proper advice even if you think it is in your 'jeans'! Homeopathy is quackery do not fall for it.

  • sdprasad.., Are you diabetic?... There are many reasons as to creatinine is not always kidney many cases, it can be rectified if cause is known... you should consult Nephrologist... and follow his advice to carry some more tests to ascertain exact cause and medication. Don't get upset. I know friends whose creatinine levels are high for years, but they take medicine and are fine.. only thing is that your kidney working should be fine and should not require dialysis ...if creatinine goes beyond 8, they advise dialysis.

  • Thank you very much Sangli, i got tested for sugar & BP those are in normal. I will consult the Doctor.

    Durga Prasad

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