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Chronic kidney disease


Just want to ask hypothetical question.. suppose if i able to maintain my A1c levels below 5.7 for the rest of my life..than what are the chances that there wont be any CKD in future..if i dnt get BP also...

Just askin this question purely on the basis of diabetes!

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Although this question needs a reply from a doctor,and I am not a doctor.

All CKD is not due to diabetes.T here are various factors which are responsible for CKD.

An un controlled diabetes , hypertension definitely affects kidney in long run.

Controlling Hba1c below 6 is good.


We have to understand what diabetes does to our body.When the sugar levels are high and at the same time body cells do not get the required supply of glucose,every organ in the entire body gets affected,including the kidneys.It means,if your sugar level is well within control range,your chances of facing CKD are minimized to a great extent.But one may still get CKD due to other reasons.

It depends how much insulin is needed to keep your HbA1c that good. If it is achieved by controlling carb intake and normalising insulin levels, then I would think you diminish a massive amount of risk because insulin resistance underpins most chronic ill-health conditions .

Diabetes is not only a factor of CKD,blood pressure,age are also the factors of CKD.May be smoking and Alcohol are also .

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I know that but m askin this question purely based on the diabetes..


Have you asked the doctor about CKD and tighter control of the blood sugars?



I do understand your health concerns. You have been managing your diabetes very well which does remove a big factor for causing CKD. Apart from that, you just follow a healthy life style and get your blood tests done regularly every six months or so. You will be fine. In fact, your quality of life will be far better than many non-diabetics because of the overall health care that you are taking. Enjoy life without worries.

your chances are as good as normal person.

CKD is not only due to DM.,

It is also due to many factors in which Hypertension & genetic causes are also major contributor.

if you area diabetic2,confirmed, maintaining HBA1c below 6 in the present scenerio even with insulin and tablets is difficult to achieve.

it will not be possible to go around your daily activities with HBA1c 5.7 and lower,exposing you to potential hypoglycemic episodes,leading to binge sugar intake to offset the status.

better to be more practical to aim at keeping HBA!C around 6.5 to give you sufficient energy.

HBA!c cannot be the guiding factor for day to day management of your diabetic status.

if you area non diabetic or a prediabetic, ignore my comments, since it is not applicable to you,

even for a diabetic type2,no one knows for sure as to whose kidney is vulnerable to damage , as i do see many uncontrolled or poorly controlled cases on alternative medicines escape kidney damage and land in other problems like cardio vascular,and retinal.

as correctly mentioned by others in this forum,sugar in control may be expected to delay the damage, but still may not be able to totally prevent.

a better and more sensitive indicator of early kidney damage in DM is to measure urine microalbuminuria. a mush better and sensitive predictor than HBA!C

Hba1c below 6 is not compatible with normal levels of energy and we'll being

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You asking me?

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