Still having dizziness/Giddiness

Guys it's been seven months i have kept my blood sugar normal (5.37 a1c) , after detected in Feb2017. I told in my previous posts that the day i got discharged from hospital (6 feb 17) i started having dizziness / Giddiness / vertigo 24 x 7 till now . In the early days i was not even able to eat my food as i used to feel like i am falling .. when i am on bed i feel like i am floating in the air .. when i am sittings idle i feel continues to and fro motion.. i have done MRI and ENG test , hearing test and all are normal. There is slight ringing in ear in my left eye. This condition has made my life worse as i have become low confident. All the nuero physician , ENT surgeon , opthalmologist have given negative test reports and told me multiple times that everything is normal. But only i know my condition. I am trying to live my life the way i am today.


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  • Check your bl pressure

  • It's 120/80

  • Did the doctor put you on blood pressure medication?

    You might need a second or third opinion. Please schedule an emergency appointment with a new doctor. Feeling dizzy and ringing in the ears are a sign that you might have either an ear infection or something else is going on that no one else has looked into, yet. Please let us know what you find out.

  • I met 2 ENT and neurologists but all of them said the same thing that there is no issue

  • Dizziness is a symptom.Problem is in understanding what is causing it.It is not easy.In my experience,trial and error seems the only way.We have consulted a general physician,a neuro specialist and an ENT specialist for a faimly member.Patient is showing improvement after taking three medicines.But it is still not clear what the problem is.My suggestion is take things in life some what easy.More one takes to heart what the society offers,it is more likely that one will end up with problems like yours.

  • My nuero physician gave me antivert medicine (betahistine) but that is not of much use to me even if i increased the dose

  • I am not conversant with these medicines but I am sure that we ought to know whether it is a habit forming drug or whether there are any ill effects of prolonged use.You may be required to use them for long,who knows?

  • I used antivert medicine for 4 months still no improvement

  • You must see improvement in a weak or so.I think you should consult another doctor.

  • Sir, i used it for 4 months, there was no improvement so i discarded the use

  • Indian1960

    Your problem seems to be vestibule / ear related. As your name suggests you are 57. So it must be senile degeneration of the vestibules, more with left ear. Don't know if you are taking tobacco in any form but high doses of vit b12 and exercises can help you. Find an ent who believes that medicines can't cure everything. Ct / mri of brain that clearly shows the pituitary fossa can be of help.

    Good luck.

  • I am 27. MRI of brain and cervical spine was clear

  • Homeopathic treatment is very advance in this problem.

    Try it from good homeopathic 👨‍⚕️ doctor.

  • If anybody has encountered this problem please let me know

  • Keeping a log of what occurred before the dizziness started, when the episode began, and how long it lasted can help your physician pinpoint the cause and prescribe a solution or treatment (e.g., diet change, med change).


  • Sir, i am having vertigo continuesly since 1 Feb 2017 .. not a single second i am free from vertigo

  • Most of the doctors do not care to find out the causes of vertigo. They will prescribe Tablet Vertin (brand name) Betahistine (generic name) for a specific period.


  • That's the same thing i am facing sir. And nobody is interested in finding out more what is actually happening

  • Not sure --but need to check carotid arteries - in neck- ultra sound -if there is blockage and stopping blood flow to brain. I may be wrong.

    If too much fatigue--tiredness - check with your doctor and set up an appointment.

  • I will be sending a quick note in a few minutes, champak045. Please look for it.

  • Sent the note right now. Please check.

  • I did MRI of cervical spine. But nothing came up.

  • Check with Chiropractor- may have pinch nerve.

    I was saying about the nerve in neck that goes to brain - may have blockage.

  • Chiropractors are quacks talking about spinal subluxations for everything. It is neither evidence based nor is it recognised in India. If you go to these people you are taking a risk.

  • sorry to know that --- here in USA- many good chiropractors are also nutritionist and have good results.

    Then try youga or pranayams.

  • I am not sure which yogasana to try for vertigo

  • go talk to some guru --- or google-

  • Will check.. but yogasana will just help to lower intensity it will not cure

  • you are so smart my friend.

    well-its still better than suffering

  • Have you done an MRI yet?

  • Yes I have done but reports are negative

  • Sodium levels?

  • U r thinking too much .... You are most probably a victim of anxiety .... Just relax ... Get up in the morning .... Do some neck exercises and then walk for 45 mins atleast in the morning .... You will see that u r back on track in a month .... And stop thinking that you have a problem

  • This is not anxiety. This is something related to balance organs.

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