Is diabetes really a terrifying disease ?

Many people when first told that they have diabetes,get into shock as if a lightening has struck them. A few go into depression. All this only serve to aggravate the situation and raise the blood sugar level.

Please remember that diabetes no such disease to be afraid of. It only leads to a better disciplined and regulated life. It very manageable condition and when properly taken care of one can lead a perfectly normal and healthy life.

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  • Pataliputra

    I wish to react to your post as follows.

    Diabetes is a constitutional deficiency of our body in its inability to handle conversion into energy of ingested food..The diagnosis was attributed to hereditary reasons of passing on this deficiency from one generation to another, a type of intolerance to ingested food.

    Only recently we hear that it is appearing in many people who other wise are normal and do not have the deficiency above mentioned.

    This is attributed to excess body weight/ obesity which prevents proper utilisation of body harmone insulin and termed as insulin resistance. Why obesity occurs in some and not in others although they consume same type of food is not clearly understood but altering quantity of food or composition of one type of food to another appears to have reudced this phenomenon.

    Our body has its own wisdom and behaves independent of what we think as the cause. Every external change appears to affect its performance whether emotional shock,stress or change in climate or quality of air we breath etc., In this context worrying when one detects he has become diabetics does not solve the problem but ability to cope up with this and carry on with whatever is advised as beneficial to keep the body in optimum working condition including leading a disciplined life appears to be the best way. I am sorry if this sounds philosophical

  • It is truth and there is nothing philosophical about it.

  • Diabetes noticed for several reasons    Hereditary is also one of the reasons If we noticed diabetes  it may not cure but controllable with proper diet  requirements and   good life style.   If any one of the above not maintained properly   the blood sugar spikes .

      Diabetes is nothing but blood sugar level in the blood is  higher than normal value.

     if we maintain it accurately diabetes is not harm to the person.

     Even though  blood sugar level raises higher rate   it may not problem directly  but the body organ like kidney lipids heart   and liver and eye problems noticed since  sugar level in the blood  to prevent the blood circulation freely .

      From diabetes no person has suffering but it leads  other diseases    If we control the blood sugar level in normal range then other organs work accurately  and no problem

      Diet is main role for diabetes But no proper guidelines  not have now days  Now available guidelines  are only for healthy persons.

      To maintain    and control diabetes  there are so much system in which ADA/WHO guidelines   LW/LWMDR and also LCHF systems followed  by most of members andthey have benefited  and controlling own  way


     IF WE NOT CONTROLING IT IS REALY TERRIFING  DISASES  It may not harm of  life of the person  but it effects

    kidney heart and liver and  eye problems neuropathic and nerval problems

  • Hereditary is just like loaded gun,but the finger which pulls the trigger is always our bad life style which includes apart from other things,our diet.

  •  Hereditary is main reason but lifestyle maintaining  is important.

    For example some of the members noticed diabetis but contrlking  less drugs and  daily routine work they maintained normal life and normal blood sugar level

     but some of members diabetic noticed  even 1 or 2  years they have  used drugs and also insulin but also not  reach the normal problem .  this may not happen to him for several years. 

      After several years his body organs were weak and start to damages  and he suffered  kidney problems heart problem leg  pain problems   due to nueropathy and ratina the eye deffect.  Doctor prescribed each medicine to each different disases most of them have taken more  tablets

     this is uncontrolable  diabetic

    1    To avoid this they must think  the necessity of diet.  They ma test with glucometer eyery  food  an after consuming 2 hours test  b home itself   and fix which diet is suitable for breakfast lunch and dinner .

    2  Most of person going to duty in 7AM and comeback  at 8/9 PM  Here there is noproper time walking or  excercises to do. this is also  some problem for some people. However  it may be some problem they must adjust  atleast 20 30 minutes   for excercises

      Totally diabetes i to be managed by o the person only and no Doctoror no one may not possible  to maintain diabetes

      For maintain diabetes diet 70 life style 10 % drugs10 % and remaining 10 % it depend upon heriditary aspects.

     if the person keep up  diet and life style 80 % achieved by him diabetic may nolonger problem  in his entirelife.

     If not  sufficinet this  then only he gotodrugs.  All three issurvived   thenheriditary aspects  may not problemfor the persn.

  • Precisely speaking the biggest burden for all men and women and particularly diabetic patients would be mental tension with mental imbalance Hence the best way of over looking this undesirable drawback to some extent is to stop thinking of ourselves too much and in stead  start developing a fair sense of sharing ours with others particularly with less fortunate lot And finally let us stop expecting too much from our own life and also from that of our nearer and dearer ones

  • Stress and strain of life precipitates mental tension,which is root of  not only diabetes,but also many ailments.

  • probably the fear can be alleviated if the following is observed.

    1]with a balanced food and proper life style 60%[58%] of all prediabetics can prevent the arrival of diabetes.

    2]the vast majority of diabetics can cross age 75 even with out even insulin.with insulin management will be better, though more precise food regimen needed.

    3]old statistics tell that only 10 years reduction in life span for t2dm. and 20 for t1dm. this may be even less now with the new insulins and regimens.

    4]the purpose of our  presence in the forum should be that we make the people aware that over eating and an un controlled diet leads to diabetes mismanagement .

    5]follow un controlled diet, then complain of medicines ,

    then follow a low carb and high fat diet is another diet error.accuse medicine and science and world medical bodies..

    from the wrong path to a still worse path,not to the right path.pity

    good luck

  • Living a simple and natural life can relieve all the fears. Have faith in yourself and GOD ,nothing wrong is going to happen.

  • indiacratus 

    I have come across various BG and HBA1C ranges for prediabetes from different sources. What in your opinion is the prediabetes range?

  • dear gingale,

    i dont  have my own opinions in any medical issues.

    i generally follow the world opinion.

    there are not many sources as you say. .

    the American diabetes association only keeps different view

    with the WHO in prediabetes..


     with fbs in consideration.

    100 onwards ---ADA


    we in india follows in general WHO recommendations.

     considering ogtt

    140 to 200 ADA

    WHO same

    Glycated haemoglobin between 5.7 and 6.4 percent [21] same for both  ADA and WHO.

    many people make a mistake of confusing what is a 'target level'  and a

    diagnostic level for


    target ppbs


    160 the endocrinologist assn of usa

    140 WHO.

    only a half learned person  intoxicated with net wisdom or so

    can  form his own opinion   in matters like this.

    there are no such things as personal opinions and levels.

    but there are individual target ranges to be determined by doctor and patient sitting together  for ppbs --which are not opinions.

    it is some thing like

    mr X is 6 feet high. is not an opinion of mr X.

    good luck

  • Not sure why an innocuous question got you worked up! Good luck to you too. 

  • You asked a question.He explained  Why this type of offensive remark?

  • Dear ragivrao 

    I guess indiacratus can speak for himself. Please don't try to find offences where none exist.

  • i had  also felt

     you offended. mr rao is right.

    because i had just shut down computer thinking

    you need not be given a reply.

    then i restarted computer again,


    you may be a genuine person and

    you might have asked a genuine question and wanted to know! i was in a

    purely humanitarian mood.

    description of a world medical standard involving several numbers and pointing out some thing that probably

    no one in this forum  ever mentioned[namely -the ppbs target is  to be determined individually]

    just like determining the height of mr X is not a matter to be opinionated.

    is lot of work--

    but your reply does not contain an element of thanks.

    that is clearly thanklessness.

    you need not waste time replying .

    i have ignored you.will not read your replies in future.


  • Dear indiacratus 

    I care two hoots if somebody is eager to be offended. I hope you realize that this forum is not the only source of information on this topic, and a simple google search would return more information than your patronizing reply.

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