Insuline powder

I bought few bottles of insulin powder from Kerala Farm, Munnar (Aroma ayurvedic).

How is the usage of this?


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8 Replies

  • You should have asked before buying. Anyway -now you can help us.. read the instructions and try fro three months. Make sure to monitor every day -- check sugar five to 10 times a day -- for two weeks and see the improvement . record your readings and what you eat - total carbs -to see its effectiveness - then report here every month.

  • Please contact your doctor for an appointment before you do anything. You don't want to do anything that will or will not cause side effects.

  • Oral insulin has been under discussion for sometime. Problem was that insulin gets digested if you ingest it.There was talk of coating the insulin pills so that it reaches the blood stream without getting digested.Positive results,if any,are yet unheard of.That being the case,I doubt the effectiveness of your purchase.

  • Is this really insulin powder or an oral anti-hyperglycemic herabal?

  • Even I remembered to have used something similar inn the past, felt they are using the word insulin and provide ayurvedic equivalent, later on suspected that it is not totally herbal and mixing some of the effective modern medicines, tried to visually analyses did not help, we are yet to find an encapsulated insulin which could survive the stomach environment and theoretically it is possible as we have some pro-biotic cultures and technology is heavily used in flavour industry for encapsulating odd environment of sever food processing parameters.

  • some insulin mimicking herbs??

  • What is insulin Powder I never heard it

  • It is the name given to some herbal mix and not commonly available in Ayurvedic shops, but specifically prepared by some practitioners.

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