Important weight loss facts you must know

Weight loss is a fascinating science and an elusive one too- we know too much, yet we never know enough. Most often we try the same weight loss technique that worked for us 10 years ago. Or we see weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes with suspicion, fearing little research on its efficacy. Not to forget, how we lose sleep to hit the gym to shed excess kilos. But it ain't that simple. We spoke exclusively to Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan, MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) (USA), obesity, metabolic medicine and clinical nutrition consultant. She is also the director of LiveNutriFit.

Weight loss in 20s, 30s and 40s

In your 20s, the weight loss efforts bear more fruits but with every decade the metabolic rate slows down and body gains extra pounds even if you control your eating and exercise well. And if you eat the way you ate in your 20s, the weight will only increase. One has to decrease calories with age as body is not equipped to burn large amounts of foods.

As you age, you need to concentrate on good foods that are rich in nutrients, like fruits, nuts, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Junk food or foods with empty calories like donuts, pastries, sweets need to be occasional treats only. Eating dessert after every meal is going to pack up pounds.

Are meal replacement shakes ok to use?

Sometimes under doctor's supervision, you can take meal replacement shakes, however, one should not attempt these on their own or blindly following some marketing companies. It's important to know that there is nothing like real food. Meal replacements are occasionally done for very obese or for medical reasons again under doctors supervision.

Even weight loss supplements should be taken under expert supervision. Some FDA approved weight loss supplements can really help in weight loss.

Breakfast after a heavy dinner?

Heavy dinner doesn't mean you skimp on calories next day in breakfast. As a matter of fact, many studies have shown that skipping breakfast will make you gain weight. My suggestion is to start fresh the next day. There is no compensation for the heavy dinner.

The ideal way to remove water weight

Drinking enough water is the easiest way to get rid of water weight. Also, having potassium rich foods help. However, if you have water retention chronically, then it's time to see the doctor.

Removing dairy helps weight loss?

One must not remove dairy from their diet if they don't have other sources of calcium. Many vegetables have calcium and it's not necessary to remove dairy. However, if you are lactose intolerant, it's a given that dairy will not be on your list of foods. Dairy removal is mainly done by specialists in certain conditions like high cholesterol, heart disease or morbid obesity. If your body can tolerate dairy, continue to have it; just make sure the milk you consume is good quality, preferably organic.

Worst diet fads

I have seen some people follow seven day weight loss diet, in which you eat only one thing all day. It is by far the worst diet fads I have known. Second is eating burger pizza and instant noodles and then compensating those calories by practically eating nothing. This leads to loss of hair and all sorts of nutritional deficiencies. Third is the no salt diet. Salt is the only source of iodine for thyroid patients and if salt is taken away for prolonged periods result is low functioning thyroid thus more weight gain later.

Source---- times of India.

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  • Calorie counting assumes we are 100% efficient at extracting calories, and we aren't. Protein is used firstly to effect repair and maintenance; only if we eat an excess will this begin to be used for energy/calories. There are 5.25 kcal in a gramme of protein; the accepted usable amount of energy is 4 kcal per gramme, the difference is an acknowledgement of the inefficiency of burning protein which also raises metabolic rate and has harmful side products including ammonia and urea.

    The higher our insulin levels the more predisposed we are to storing fat and the less able we are to use fat for energy.

  • Ever thought of how much calories is being excreted on any given diet? Unless that can be quantified, calorie in and calorie out is a useless proposition. A recent Japanese study proved this YET again. Calorie-In Calorie-Out is a food company propagated MYTH. Here's one stuff:

    For losing weight, reducing residual insulin in blood is the way forward.

  • I always disagreed with calorie in and calorie out theory.

  • Great. In that case, all the talks/proposition about Hypo Caloric diet as a means to manage blood sugars is nothing but a waste of time and efforts. Many controlled trials have proved it to be a failure.

    As such, WE never bothered about calorie counting and focused more on C:P:F

  • Anup

    How will you lose fat if you are not on hypocaloric diet?

  • By cutting down residual insulin in blood as first step. That kills hunger pangs and hence the persistent overeating inherent with HIGH CARB DIET.

    My DIL (my nephew's wife -- non diabetic obese) went down from 80+ to 50's now by going on Low Carb Higher Protein diet -- that's what ADNAN Sami did too -- and no calorie counting.

    Eat when hungry and with low residual insulin you metabolize the FAT of body (a result of lipogenesis due to unnecessarily HIGH CARBS). Body will find it's own healthy weight. I don't believe in useless BMI theory. That's as useless as calorie-in calorie-out theory of weight management.

    So, the crux of the matter is -- MINIMIZE LIPOGENESIS. That's how she lost 90 pounds on near-keto/keto diet ---

    CUT the CARBS is the KEY. No bariatric surgery of "Modern Science" with expenses of Rs5 lacs + needed :)

  • Anup

    i fully agree. Lc** for obese people also. But if you are not calorie deficit why should the fat burn. Fats are the stored energy to be used at the time of starvation. Body can't act against nature to lose fats despite low carb diet and low insulin.

    Further 56% prots and 10% fat gets converted to carbs - glucose. If someone is taking high prot diet (s)he is taking carbs indirectly. So logically and from my own experience i believe in calorie deficit diet - deficit to a great extent. Also recommended by many.

  • MCT doesn't even get stored -- shunted thru portal vein to be converted to energy. Unless someone can give me some scientific numbers on how much calories one excretes in the loo, calorie counting/deficit/excess is just an attempt to confuse :)

    Proteins - has high thermogenic component. Carbs hardly has any. Yes, for a diabetic, high protein means higher A1C.

  • Calorie count is unpractical and many times not feasible.

  • Counting is practical in the West where most food is available in packet. And is written on the packet.

    And in one study with almonds it was proved that ~27% of calorie written on packets goes out in the loo.

  • Dear sir ,

    First of all our very native guava is better than apple . Why should we sing ''' an apple a day keeps the doctor away .'' The same way , we have coconuts , musk melons and many other fruits . Then pumpkin seeds , sesame seeds ,pomgranate seeds , musk melon seeds , peaanuts ----all are full of nutrients and they keep us with filling sensation also . Almonds , walnuts can be taken by the neo rich and rich people .Of course this is not an exact reply to the doubt expressed by you .

  • As far as my knowledge goes skin is also good . May be I am wrong.

  • Most of the fibre is found in the skin.

  • Better search through my old thread. It has been posted as a separate thread. I don't state just lopsided OPINIONS like some do here and don't just post two links every day. Opinions like "one site" has got only 4 posts since 2014 against the fact that it's nearing 40,000 now, with 100 posts per day as minimum now.

    BTW, human body is not a closed system. Is it? As an engineer you should be able to understand the laws of thermodynamics better than some RD's.

    Answer one question if you can. Does calorie counting take into account the "thermogenic" impact? Shoot some scientific study rather than OPINION of some vague RD.

    BTW, you can reach all my threads from following URL:


  • Eat less than your appetite. It is best way to optimise health in all age groups.

  • IN course of time with out going for scales , measurements & calculations we instinctively know the caloric value of our food intake and if there is any excess .

  • very true

  • Swallow gallons of oil.

    Looks like that statement was picked from some "stray dot com" (your favorite phrase that you often use). No one who understands science would ever make that statement. At least not the 1000+ that I know of personally or millions around the world who live by the diet that some here can never understand. It's only 60% of good FATS and is backed by SCIENCE of MEDICAL REPORTS who do it and not "gallons of oil".

    I stress on the word SCIENCE because SCIENCE doesn't walk on weak legs of rhetorics to drive a point home. It talks based on data of MEDICAL Reports which some here willfully ignore to discuss/dissect because Medical Reports don't lie.

    And, that's the reason why I have 198 followers even here on my profile with just 94 posts. Lets talk based on medical reports for once at least?

  • Guess that way if we search pics of British India....I don't think u will find any obese navinsinha ji

  • rather navinsinha ji

    I am finding pictures of India with severely malnourished during British Raj....

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