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About Circadian Rhythm

About Circadian Rhythm

Here’s a simple way to think about the circadian rhythm. The body has thousands of processes going on at any given moment. Many of these processes function better in concert with other processes – just like in a symphony, where different sounds work better with other sounds.

These processes have a certain rhythm or flow. The body conducts this orchestra with ‘clock genes’, which get activated in many cells in the body, in a synchronous way.

Research over the past few decades has recognized the importance of circadian biology in obesity.

Circadian biology has a massive influence on energy balance and metabolism

Many hormone receptors have been observed to exhibit circadian rhythms of expression).

The daily timing of food intake has itself been shown to affect body weight regulation in mammals through the regulation of genes that control metabolism (.

In particular, clock genes control NAD+/SIRT1, which if you have low levels of these proteins, your mitochondria won’t work well, you’ll be tired and your metabolism will be slower).

Many variations in genes of the circadian rhythm raise the risk of diabetes).

If your circadian rhythm is off, your sleep will be shit. The circadian rhythm is the key to health and weight loss. Hence, why this is more important than sleep.

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Thank you rmvsalvad. Your explanation of circadian rhythms was interesting to read.


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