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Vitamin D connection to Diabetes, Heart disease and Dementia


Do you know almost every cell of our body has a vitamin D receptor? This vitamin plays a role in the functioning of just about every system. Several studies have been published in the last few years exploring the links between vitamin D and diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, all of which are sometimes related to each other, as well.

Vitamin D acts as a hormone and is used by almost every type of cell in your body. It plays a part in the regulation of over 200 genes. Consequently, it has a role in a wide range of bodily processes. For instance, it keeps abnormal cells from multiplying and causing breast and colon cancers, it regulates kidney blood pressure, and it helps regulate blood sugar levels in the pancreas.

Vitamin D is produced by your body when you’re exposed to direct sunlight or a high-quality tanning bed. SEE the article appeared In recent issue of "DIABETES DAILY".

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Continued...Vitamin D..See the

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Very interesting article, DRH-sangli. Thank you for sharing this with the group.

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Please check your PMs (private messages). I had sent you a quick note. It's okay.

Seen PMs... replied.Thanks for encouragement.

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Keep it up!!

Great information, thanks DRH-sangli for posting. My hope for non-diabetic and pre-diabetic people will be aware of how important Vit D could prevent or delay the onset of Diabetes.

Thanks for your information

Thank you sir great Information

To begin to unravel the complex biochemistry related to this ancient prohormone, misnamed a 'vitamin' ( - literally in the last millennium !) it seems necessary to consider levels of both of its measureable metabolites: calcidiol AND calcitriol. Unfortunately, few in medicine are doing this. Advice on only the calcidiol level is likely to be misguided.

For further information on this view point, its worth reading an introductory article by Meg Mangin, which is easily found by searching for "Fearless Parent November 2014 Vitamin D".

Supplementing with prohormone "vitamin D" either by additional sun exposure or supplementation of 'vit D' based ONLY on the result of the standard calcidiol test, is not without its issues, reports the well-considered view in the above introductory article, with its credible list of references.

Hope the above is of assistance to all readers !


18 Aug 2017

I m presently visiting my daughter in Melbourne, and I see almost all are taking D supplements due lack of regular sunshine.

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Exposure in bright sun is the best medicine.If that is not possible, D supplements is only solution.

Does a person with low vitamin d level bring on diabetes?? Pls let me know. My vit d level is 20.

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no... almost all Indians are Vit d spite of bright sunlight thru out year....

the current Vit d standards are based on studies carried out on Caucasian population...

no one knows what levels should be right for Indian population.

diabetes is very complex... but mostly..when u detect high sugar levels...vit d level is low...

that doesn't mean low vit D is cause of diabetes...

You are right @ cure.

Vitamin D Deficit alone will not lead to diabetes.But if one has contributing factors like poor sedentary lifestyles, diabetic heridity, obesity, junk food, ( and PCOD in women) etc it can trigger.

Although India has bright sun all the time,but people prefer to walk early in the morning or late in the evening and get deprived of exposures in bright sun, which is necessary for creating vitamin D in the body..When the sun is at least at 50 degrees above horizontal position, ( which normally happens after 10.30 am until 4.0pm), and one is at least about 10-15 minutes in this sun,with at least 30% body exposure( short sleeve top/ shirt and pant), one would not get days quota of 3500 SI units. Exposure in Early Morning and evening light sun rays would not give any vitamin D..This in the reason why most Indians are D deficit..Also one may have to take daily D supplement accordingly to ones D deficit or booster periodic dose...

One needs to have vitamin D level above 30 ng/ ml.. there are almost no food items which get you vitamin D,except egg and certain fatty fish... Eating such fatty fish of 150 gm gives 600 SI units,and eating one egg yolk give ( white does not have D) 50 SI. Unit of D... Daily requirements of D is at least 3500 SI unit... Hence only solution is bright sun exposure, or medicines.

which vitamin d brand is best ? easily absorbed?

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