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Hai my husband has diagnosed recently before two months that he s having diabetics like 230 and 443 with fatty liver .After we didn't go for doctors so he started his diet and some home remedies. after 2 weeks it's has been reduced to 40 and 100.but after that he got increased. THERE is fluctuations. Now triglycerides and cholestrol was too high.Please suggest some treatment like I want it to be completely reversed. Is this is good controlling through sugar reducing food and walk or yoga or else should take treatment like ayurveda or some other.If so which is best.I really scared because of this.Please help me .

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  • Hello jayshank there are many members in this forum who had similar medical condition....

    and they were able to control sugar level to non diabetic numbers with minimum medicine within short time (I am one of them)

    carbs control is the key.....

    @anup will be able to guide you further.

  • cure

    Kya bade bhaiya. You are also an expert now on D. No i'm not talking about your citing anup. He is a master of D. Go scientifically. Let him know his D status. Only then can we give some dietary advice. Also know his height, weight and waist circumference.


  • Adopt LCHF diet

  • you and your husband should try to learn more about the disorder. You can't control your husband when is out. He needs self control. This is an eating disease mainly carbohydrate. control and all will be fine. Go for HbA1c test and the results will show you 3 months average. 40 is dangerous figure and some mistake somewhere. Fluctuation will be always there.

  • switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET along with minimal medicine .

  • One of the quickest way to drop triglycerides (TG) is Low Carb High Fat diet, unless it is because of genetic issue. Dropping TG by way of diet will also improve fatty liver condition, improve blood sugar control and reduce medications for the same.

    No herb can get the same effect as diet change.

    Hypo-caloric diets also won't work as you cannot be on hypo caloric diet for life long.

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