Mislocalised calcium channel causes insulin secretion defect in diabetes.

After a meal the blood sugar rises . To counteract this and to make sugar available to the body, specialised cells in the pancreas get activated to secrete insulin. In people with diabetes, this mechanism fails, which leads to elevated blood sugar and a host of other diabetes related complications.

The cellular signal for insulin secretion is an influx of calcium which triggers the release of small hormone containing vesicles. Recent research works indicate that a tiny change in the cells architecture is at the heart of secretion defect.

Using high resolution microscopy, the research group found that calcium normally enters right next to storage vesicles to trigger insulin release. In type 2 diabetes the channel proteins that allow calcium the entry are instead located too far away from insulin vesicles which cause secretion to fail. The findings after a first glimpse at the intricate relationship between insulin secretion machinery and calcium channels suggests that drugs aimed at at their interaction could be developed to treat diabetes .


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  • hmmmm but in most of D2 cases it is seen that there is abnormal raise in insulin level...Hyperinsulinemia...

  • Its because of insulin resistance.

  • So for D2 cause is insulin resistance and not calcium channels??

  • Diabetes is cause or effect of insulin resistance difficult to say. There are many imponderables.

  • Very right... but then why do we see hyperinsulinemia in newly diagnosed D2 patients???

    And particularly for this thread....is it due to disturbance of calcium channels???

  • patliputra

    D develops because of insulin resistance. There is absolutely no doubt in it.

  • Am I appearing in some kind of examination ? And you are self appointed examiner.😄😄😄

  • patliputra No...not at all...

    But remember as what I said earlier...

    वादे वादे जायते तत्वबोध:....

    Discussions will lead us to truth...

    Look at all Indian philosophy....most of books are written in question and answer form...even 'the very famous 'Charak Sanhita' the great knowledge book of Ayurveda is also written in question and answer form...

    Question and answer form is the only form used by ancient Indians to explain the things...that is the way we should reach to truth...

    Are u feeling offended??? they are not that tricky questions?? are they??

    I thought you would answer the questions happily for the benefit of members...

  • I was not offended, just amused. No hard feelings .

  • yes Mr patliputra let us try to go deeper in subject....amused by questions???

    I think some one who is posting some information must be ready for the queries...and should be able to answer cross questions...

  • Research papers are posted mainly for information, but one may divert to cover other subjects.

  • well sure information is always needed..however it is also expected further discussion on same...

    world is full of information...google is always there to help all of us... but just passing information may not be very useful...discussion will help all of us to understand and digest information.

    now are we diverting again from main post???

    let us discuss more related to post...

    then why do we see hyperinsulinemia in newly diagnosed D2 patients???

    And particularly for this thread....is it due to disturbance of calcium channels???

  • I guess initially a d2 suffers with BP.... and then he is prescribed with calcium channel blockers...

    a d2 also suffers with vit D deficiencies

  • Elevated insulin == High BP.

  • and again calcium channel blockers..

  • High insulin == loss of Mg == Bad Bad Bad --- BP, stiffening of arteries??

  • @Anup

    That's is indirect relationship 😊😊. D leads to arterial wall edema. Reduced compliance and so high bp. Insulin has nothing to do with bp directly. T1d taking insulin if controls D would have positive effect on bp.

  • In people with T2 diabetes, secretion doesn't fail.

    It's over secretion that Type 2 begins with and revisit to diet corrects that over secretion too. This type of research is just nothing but trying to find (and justify) some new patented drug. Now, the designer drugs like Invokana etc are coming under scanner of FDA as they are full of dangerous side effects, which were never ever discussed.

  • @Anup

    These people are getting lots of funds for just coining such weird theories. Ca influx results in secretion of many hormones. Why should insulin secretion be adversely affected selectively 🐒🐒🐒🐒

  • Just to fool the innocent with a new drug. Now FDA is issuing warning wrt amputations wrt the designer drug called Invokana that excretes excess sugar thru urine. These researchers will never talk of the need to get the basics right. That we have to learn and do ourself :)

  • @Anup

    So called researchers are puppets and slaves to the money given to them by drug companies.

    Sglut2 inhibitor concept is idiotic and criminal. You add to what kidneys are doing. Damage to the K and potentially hazardous presence of glucose in urine. More prone to Urinary infections and presence of sugar in urine hinders the cure. Spread to blood causing lethal septicemia may occur and in such condition sglut2 I add fuel to the fire.

    I'd certainly take doctors prescribing such drugs to the criminal court apart from consumer court if something wrong happens. Criminal negligence.

  • Current red flag is wrt amputations.

  • I know a female pt who had to be taken off dapagliflozin due to repeated urinary tract infection

    Multiple pills and no talk of any dietary measure

  • Shashikantiyengar

    With the menopausal events the endothelial lining becomes thin and more susceptible to insults. If infection occurs, uti esp it is very difficult to eradicate with antibiotics only. Such females need to be given hrt. As such also antibiotics never cure infection if our defence system is weak. Antibiotics weaken the microorganisms which then can easily be removed by white cells and other defence mechanisms. If sugar is present in urine and body it works as tonic and the source of energy for microorganisms.

  • As a doctor, only you can explain is such detail. Those who don't like healthy/constructive discussions will either take a swipe at you or report your comments.

  • @Anup


    No one should take my comments personally.

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