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Chapati's effect on blood sugar

Hello Friends,

My name is Harshit Aggarwal and I'm a diabetic for the past 1 year in India. Whenever I eat chapatis (3 to 4), my blood sugar spikes. Oneday, I ate 4 chapatis with moong dal and my sugar spiked from 91 to 159. My grandmother says mix besan with wheat flour and it will not spike blood sugars. Is this really true? If not, please suggest what I can do so that my blood sugars don't spike as much.

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yes , because besan has lower carbohydreates


Hello, Harshit use chapatis made from ragi.. this will help to control your blood sugar.Ragi will not spike the blood sugar.it will take time to convert blood sugar.try it


Try sugar-control-atta. Its a new atta available in the market.


Eat less chappatis (not more than 2), more times in a day.


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