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Uncontrolled sugar level

I am Type 2 diabetic for the last many years. My age is 68. For the last 6 months my BS level is not changing. It is Fasting 240 and more PPBS above 350 H1bc 7,5. Cholesterol normal. Thyroid normal. Creatinine 1, Urine analysis normal, I am presently taking Lantus Insulin injection 16 units during night with Vobes 0.3 and Glynase 1 each three times Zilenta M in the morning. But sugar level continues to be the same level. Please guide me why it is happening so.

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Your diet is wrong. Please take care of your diet. Let's all know what you eat.

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I am southindian pure vegetarian. Morning Tiffin I take 2 chappatis, small quantity of upama, two dosas, 3 idlis small or any other prepation in small quantity. Only one item not all. After noon ragi mudde ,(ragi balls), small quantity curd rice. Night two small chappstis. Vegetable in good quality.



Diabetes is a simple disease with simple pathophysiology. It's because of our inability to metabolise carbs. You diet is loaded with carbs. We have high levels of insulin as t2. Insulin treatment is illogical and harmful because it will increase IR. You should learn gi and gl of the food you are taking. Controlling D is a tapasya for the whole life. I'm also veg taking eggs some times. It may be a bit difficult but not impossible. We have to change our lifestyle.

I'm grainfree for last one and half years. There are many posts as to what you should eat and not. Diabetes can't be cured but reversed with idm. Exercise good.

If you go for lchf make sure you reduce doses of insulin.

Gud luck.


For Vegitarian in SouthIndian diet how to eradicate or minimise carbs to lowest possible level?


Thank you. Already on brown rice.


Diabetes can be controlled/managed by a proper regulated diet and exercise. and medicines prescribed by the doctor

1. Eat every Four hours mini meals. Don't eat big meals. Take more green vegetables/salads.

2. Eat whole grain food/grains like ragi, wheat, jowar instead of refined grains like maida/ sooji/ white bread etc

3. Reduce foods with high GI Index like potato, white rice, banana, mango.

4. Avoid all forms of simple sugars like Colas, juices, sweets, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, noodles etc.

5. Eat daily fruits with low/medium GI index like apple, guava, mosambi, orange.

6. Eat lot of proteins like dals, sprouts, egg, chicken etc with every minimeal.

7. Drink lot of water. One glass every hour.

8. Do at least 30-45 mins of exercise every day.


Thanks for your response. I am following all the items mentioned in your reply. I am regularly doing physical exercise for more than an hour with walking. Controlling food and eating chapatis and ragi balls which is familiar in Karnataka. Anyway, I am hopeful of reducing my sugar level early sir.



Make idli or dosa with moong sprouts and brown rice. Have 1 or 2 only. With coconut chutney and sambhar with lots of non starchy veggies. Use ample ghee in sambhar .

For rice use a combination of small qty of brown rice with some moong sprouts and quinoa. This combo will spike less. Use ample ghee over this combo.

For Roti use a combination of Atta+Besan+Psyllium husk.

Use ghee over this . Have with non starchy veg.

These will spike less.

Use paneer cheese liberally. Use overnight soaked almonds and walnuts.

Use ghee butter liberally this will fill u


Thank you for your suggestion and will follow the same sir.

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Also use .

Apple cider vinegar with one lemon squeezed twice a day before breakfast and dinner diluted in a glass of water.

For snacks have peanuts.

Have one cucumber daily in breakfast .

Have as many non starchy veggies as you can

Spinach to be had with a teaspoon of ghee


My feet fingers are getting light numbness that too during night. Whether because of long duration diabetic. How can it be cured. I am taking Insulin and tablets regularly , but sugar level is not normal. Any harm for finger numbness if it is neuro problem.


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