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The dietitian at the hospital recommended that patients eating Patanjali products for BF were getting good results.So,Ihave been eating '' Patanjali pushtahar dalia'' since few months and getting good results.Though I have been off this site for quite some time,I thought I should share the recipe for the dish (available on Youtube-Manisha's kitchen)

Items required 1)Patanjali pushtahar dalia(not ordinary dalia) 2.Jeera 3.Chopped onions 4.Couple of chopped green chillies 5.Mixed sprouts 6.vegetable like tomato,beans,carrot cut into small pieces. 7Haldi 8.Curry leaves.

It is a simple dish,natural,healthy and inexpensive.Prepare it as per recipe given in youtube,add some dahi and it tastes really great.I also eat about 8 pieces of almonds as a side dish.Try it.Many times ,I got lesser number as compared to fasting level.But I never had hypo problems.I am giving the link for the recipe.


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  • ramana42

    good that you are getting good results but i'd not recommend.

  • Why do you feel that way?I am curious.

  • ramana42

    The dalia contains wheat, rice, pearl millet, split green grain. All these to be avoided by us. But why do you feel it's working good for you. Also if you are preparing the way shown in video there is carrot, onion, bean and mutter etc which contain carbs. In all it's a high carb diet imho.

    I'd request you and everybody here not to be carried away by hyperbole of the advertisers. Please use your own judgement and knowledge. You all are intelligent enough.

  • I have been diagnosed with diabetes recently. A1c 11.9 . Pushtahar is good if you are not following lchf. I eat high carb diet for my diabetes and do exercise daily. Follow Dr Michael Gregor or Dr Neal Bernard on YouTube. My current fasting is 125 and pp is around 150.

  • So,what do you recommend for breakfast?Please give detailed advice as I am interested.

  • ramana42

    Breakfast is not compulsary. It can be avoided.

    But you can take anything that doesn't contain carbs. Omelette if you eat eggs, paneer, sprouts, bulletproof coffee/ tea, coconut, dry fruits / nuts etc.

    Sprouts should be taken raw making salad or saute with oil and condiments. Cooking converts complex carbs into simple carbs.

  • It depends if you are eating lchf or vegan. I have been following vegan. I eat Dalia or oats. During the day, I eat 5 fruits and 5 vegetables (1 cooked main course and rest salad) every day with dal or rajma or chane.

  • Protein, greens. Egg and spinach. Egg and steamed kale.

  • Thank you.

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