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Diabetes and weight loss


I have been a diabetic since the last 8 yrs, and is insulin dependent. My sugar level fluctates very often. My main issue is my weight loss. During the last 8 yrs., I lost about 16 kgs. of weight and still going down. I dont have any other problems physically. Several tests have been done, but nothing adverse have been found out. Sometimes, I realise that I have weakness while performing any hard work. Rest is all right. I am 70 years old. Kindly sugget a way to stop my further weight loss. If I gain a certain kilos of weight, it would be a boost for me. My height is 168 cms. and weight is 52 kgs..

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What is your blood sugar when it fluctuates? Have you been running higher than normal? High blood sugars can cause weight loss for some diabetics if they have numbers out of control for a certain period of time. If the numbers are lower, the person can gain weight. Has your doctor said anything about carb. counting and what to eat for weight gain? Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website for the free leaflet on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes". The leaflet can be downloaded, read/and listened to at anytime. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

I hope this can help.

I use the freestyle lite, and I like it tremendously as I dont need to prick my finger, just my arm. Plus I have read articles saying it's the most accurate.

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