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Whether any body give the opinion about weight loss when taking long wheat diet? Because I lost around 8 kgs by taking 6 months. My fasting sugar level also reduced. I am so worried about my weight loss. Is this because of our great long wheat? If it so. No problem. Otherwise I have to consult doctor urgently. Please give your experiences by taking long wheat


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  • Yes, you experience some amt of wt loss, and of course reduction in BS. If there is no problem, them why worry. What was your wt before and after the LW diet?

  • Thank you for your reply. Mine was 78 kgs and 71 kgs before and after Long wheat respectively

  • what is your BMI? Your height too is needed to see whether your weight loss is relevent to your height. If you are within the BMI range, then there is no need to worry, I assume.

  • but long wheet can also be helpful for high blood pressure , if not what will i hve to do for the same to keep in control

  • There is a published scientific study report showing that Long Wheat diet normalises Lipid profile. This may in turn regulate high blood pressure.

  • Respected sir

    As per your advice I was taking Longwheat for the past 12 months.  Eventhough I had benefits of low sugarlevel and lipid profile, in my recent annual health check up I had thiroid problem as elevated TSH of 25.  Why?  By browsing I had an idea of gluten foods like wheat will give some thyroid problem.  Hence recently discontinued long wheat and taking rice.  Pl advise and give me,Sir

  • I suggest ,the long wheat may soaked in the decoction of"triphala" a whole night and make use of it....


  • Hi ss- Bala, how many months have passed with long wheat... What is ur weight now....still it is loosing or u got a level

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