continuously losing weight

Hi All,

I am continuously losing weight. initially my weight was touching 80 kg,but when I discovered about Diabetics about 1 yr ago I followed proper diet and walk.My weight started decreasing .and currently it has come to 67 and lost almost 2 kgs in last 1 month.I am looking very week .Kindly give some suggestion as to what should I do to gain some weight and stop weight reduction further.My sugar is under control and my H1BAc was 6.4 last week.



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  • Check with your doctor for the tablets he has prescribed and he may change those.

  • i am 32 years old and height is 5feet 10inches...I am currently taking paneer ke phool in morning and ramdev medicine before meal in after noon and evening.As far as diet is concerned I am taking diet as suggested by dietician.

  • what is the medicine plz suggest. moreover check other parameters of blood too & urine siugar too. get ur lipid profile under consultation from an doctor. What is paneer ke phool? H1bac was done earlier too wht was the leve l & duration ??


  • While unattended diapetes can result in loss of weitht, If the loss of weight is associated with dry cough plus lack of appetite and night swet the same can be simptom for other discease like TB,sarcoidosis etc. I suggest please check up with your physician at the earliest to make sure that the loss of weight is due to DM only.

  • paneer ke phool is a kind of herb .you soak around 10 seed over-nite and in morning drink its water. take it under medical supervision only as it can reduce too much sugar level.

    my previous H1bac was 6.1 and done around 9 months back.another medicine is divya madunashini by ramdev which i take half an our before meal.

  • It is quiet common in diabetes that people tend to lose weight. This is because the body needs energy and finds it easy from muscle mass and the body sucks energy from muscle. Ensure you are on the right diet. if need be i can help you. You can reach me at .

  • Uncontrolled diabetes results in reduction of weight. But if you are losing weight, even though your diabetes is in control, could have some other implications.

    Are you having sex regularly? Is something bothering you? Is your wife tormenting you? Are you having an affair? Ridiculous they may sound, but soul searching will help you to find reason for loss of weight.

  • elaborate yr diet and exercise pls.

  • sir,after taking paneer ke phool in morning i bf i takes either oats/dalia/besan cheela with one glass lunch i take dahi,salad,chapati(multi grain) and dal and around 4 i take green tea with 2 nutr-ichoice biscuits and in evening i take chapati,dal/vegetable and salad .some time takes milk at night.Also take atleast 4 almonds daily.

    And make sure to take 1 hr of walk daily.

    kindly suggest if i need to add or remove from the diet.

  • Please check your BMI. After practicing diet and exercise controls , I reduced from about 84 Kgs to 64 Kgs and then it stabilised between 64 to 65 Kgs. I am maintaining the reduced level since last almost 8 to 10 months. My doctor advised me to stop the diabetes pills . I am maintaining HbA1C in the range of 5.8 to 6.0 since last 8 months without medicines.

    If you have not reached your ideal BMI , it might first reduce to that level . And thereafter , it might be steady and also marginally increase.Keep observing . You may also contact some Doctor. Please keep check on the nutritions. If required , take necessary vitamins as suggested by Doctor.

  • For your height 67 kg is not bad, BMI is 21.19! In my opinion this is your ideal weight!!

    With HbA1c 6.4%, weight loss could not be due to Diabetes. On the contrary it could be due to excessive restrictions, insufficient food & lack of muscle building exercises etc.

    Try to increase food intake & muscle building exercises together; not walking.

  • As you are taking diet as suggested by dietician, you are almost bound to lose weight. There is a saying which means A COW IN THE PICTURE WILL NOT EAT GRASS. This meant to imply that in general mere bookish knowledge will be far from reality.

  • George can you pls suggest..some exercises which i should follow.Also i have mentioned my diet in previous post..can you suggest some thing i should add more.

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