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please let me know if i am started consuming only High fat foods like , nuts ( cashew/almonds, peanuts , wall nuts etc) cheese, butter , ghee , paneer / chicken /mutton etc and low carbohydrade foods /am i not going to increase my Cholesterol level / Triglyceride which is harmful for heart .

also what about my weight? i wanted to increase my weight up to 5 kg i am only 65kg

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Initially LDL (so called bad cholesterol) will go up as you burn body fat. This is nothing to worry about as the fractions will be large fluffy and harmless rather that small, dense easily oxidised. The most important thing that will happen is the ratio of triglycerides to HDL (so called good cholesterol) . TG/HDL ratio less than 2 is ideal.

With regard to weight. Fat is twice as energy dense as carbohydrate so consume more. Weight training will build muscle which is much heavier than fat with regard to volume

So good luck and enjoy your new lifestyle.


why no cashew?


you are mixing up good and bad types of fat.

almonds and walnuts have more unsaturated fats and relatively less cholesterol,hence relatively safe in small quantities when taken raw{avoid roasted and salted]

all other fats in your list are heavy with saturated fat and also cholesterol and it is better for a diabetic to either avoid them or at least kep it to the minimum, especially if your physician found symptoms of ischemic heart disease or hypertension in you


Against outdated concept

Dietary cholesterol has no significant impact on serum cholesterol

Even Usda has removed dietary cholesterol as a nutrient of concern

Read more..rnpath


Quote --- almonds and walnuts have more unsaturated fats and relatively less cholesterol,---

Plants don't synthesize cholesterol.

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