The Science of “Bonking” and Glycogen Depletion

As it is always said Fat is better fuel than I was just wondering what will happen is marathon runner are supplied with coconut milk( not coconut water) or VCO or some butter instead of glucose water...will it enhance the performance??will it make recovery faster???

Here is one nice site I came across....

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    I don't agree fats are better fuel than glucose. The nature has abundance of carbohydrate and it would produce creatures who can live on that energy source - carbs or glucose. We D are misfit creatures. Can one eat only fats and survive ? Look at grazing animals they survive on zero fats although fats are produced in them from carbs under the influence of insulin.


  • yes...if green grass is fed to cow her milk yield and fat percentage in milk goes up...but at the same time if fed on cotton seed (fats) then also fat percentage goes up...

    this reminds me suramo urea is mixed in milk to adulterate the milk.... also few days ago was talking to one farmer...he told me something surprising method to increase fat percentage in milk...

    The spray urea mixed water on green grass...and then bundle said sprayed grass and bury in some dark place... when there is scarcity of green grass they take out said bundle and feed it to cow....

    sulfonylurea which is used to treat Diabetes is also form of urea....which increases insulin production....and said is also cause of weight gain

    Sulfonylureas (UK: sulphonylurea) are a class of organic compounds used in medicine and agriculture. They are antidiabetic drugs widely used in the management of diabetes mellitus type 2. They act by increasing insulin release from the beta cells in the pancreas.[1] A number of sulfonylureas are also used as herbicides ("weedkiller"), because they can interfere with plant biosynthesis of certain amino acids.[2]

  • Marathon runners will also need micronutrient supplementation during the run as they lose that due to fluid loss during the run

  • It is science of honking,and not bonking.

  • See the dictionary meaning of both first and place it in the context if the thread before commenting.

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