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VCO-What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Today, however, there are many processes used to produce "virgin coconut oil," and no recognized worldwide body that regulates the term or use. There is also no official classification or difference between "virgin coconut oil" and "extra virgin coconut oil" as there is in the olive oil industry, since the two oils are completely different in fatty acid composition, harvesting procedures, and terminology. So when you see the term "extra virgin coconut oil," it is simply a marketing term, and no different from "virgin coconut oil." We will only use the term "virgin coconut oil" throughout this document. This is also the common term used in the peer-reviewed literature.


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There are two types of coconut oil 1) Oil taken out of the Kopra ( Virgin Coconut oil ) 2) refined coconut oil. I haven't heard or seen any other type,


Virgin coconut oil is not extracted from copra but fresh coconut.

Virgin coconut oil - fresh coconut

Coconut oil - copra.

RBD coconut oil - Refined Bleached Deodorised - copra.


In kerala pure coconut oil is prepared KPL KLF brands is good and this was used for kitchen and all lurposes This is also prepared from pure coconut

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Coconut oil can be RBD and non-rbd. Refined. Bleached. Deodorized. Any oil that is rbd is not advisable to be used as edible.


this is oil from tender coconut meat....some fermentation is required to get this oil.


Oil Extraction (Merit VCO is made using WET Method)

There are two ways by which VCO is produced: the DRY method & the WET method.

• The DRY method includes VCO produced via direct oil expelling. Direct oil expelling requires that the coconut meat from fresh coconuts be dried so that oil can be pressed out (by mechanical means) from the dried meat. This is why the technique is also referred to as fresh-dry or quick-dry. Solar drying is typical of the technique but others use coconut husks/shells as heat source for drying pans/ovens. Big desiccated coconut manufacturers use this same method for their VCO, drying the meat by steam using huge industrial apron dryers. Many of the VCOs in the market produced via this method are often referred to as cold-pressed VCO – likening the technique perhaps to cold-pressed olive oil that is pressed out directly from olives or olive mash (although the olives/mash are not dried).

• The WET method includes VCO produced from fresh coconut milk. Producers sometimes refer to this technique, or variants of it, as wet-milling, wet process, or even cold process (also perhaps because the coconut meat is not dried). VCO from the WET method include: those produced using the fermentation technique, enzymatic approach, “cooking” technique & centrifuge method. These techniques use coconut milk obtained by pressing out the milk from fresh coconut meat (not dried like those from the DRY method). The difference lies in the manner by which the oil is extracted from the coconut milk emulsion. The fermentation & “cooking” techniques are the traditional ways oil are produced in the Philippines & most coconut-producing countries. The fermentation technique calls for settling or separation of the oil from the “water” by allowing the coconut milk to “ferment” - thus breaking the emulsion. The “cooking” technique, on the other hand, introduces heat to the equation – to break the emulsion & extract the oil. The “cooking” technique, thus, simply meant boiling off the water in coconut milk for hours in a pot. The enzymatic approach is an improvement to these methods, the introduction of enzymes is said to speed-up settling/fermentation & improve the oil yield. The centrifuge method, on the other hand, is where technology meets tradition. A mechanical centrifuge is used to accelerate settling & separation, with the very powerful centrifugal forces generated by a centrifuge—breaking the emulsion & separating the oil in a matter of minutes.

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Why Virgin Coconut Oil is a Super Food

Following are some of the known health enhancing effects of virgin coconut oil. These amazing facts make virgin coconut oil a super food.

· Makes your heart stronger and improves cardiovascular health.

· Helps in normalizing blood pressure.

Healthy teeth and bones

· Supports the development of strong bones and teeth by improving calcium and

magnesium absorption in the body.

· Improves oral health by preventing periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Skin, hair and beauty

· Its regular use and consumption makes you look and feel younger.

· When applied topically, it protects the skin from infection.

· Improves the natural chemical balance of the skin and complexion.

· Softens skin and prevents dryness and flaking.

· Prevents wrinkles, age spots and sagging of skin.

· Reduces symptoms associated with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and


· Helps in maintaining healthy-looking hair.

· When used as hair oil, it controls dandruff.

Miscellaneous health

· Helps in reducing epileptic seizures.

· Protects the brain and improves cognition in those with low blood sugar.

· Protects against bladder infections and kidney disease.

· Relieves pain, burning sensation and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

· Reduces inflammation.

· Helps in repair and healing of body tissue.

Other benefits

· It is lower in calories than all other fats & oils.

· Has a long shelf life because it is highly resistant to rancidity.

· It is the healthiest cooking oil, unlike vegetable oils; it doesn’t get oxidized when

heated at normal cooking temperatures.

· It is completely safe to humans.


thank u sunitar210

Are you connected with this company???


No i am not connected i have been using Merit VCO brand for around 2 years. Long back i got this manufacturing process mail from company.

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How to Make Pure Coconut Oil at Home Free of Preservatives and Chemicals



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