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Beta blockers and blood sugar

Many diabetics are also hypertensives. They are prescribed apart from hypoglycemics (for controlling high blood sugar ), medicines to lower blood pressure. the commonly prescribed medicine to lower blood pressure is Beta Blockers. These act by slowing heart rate and reducing the force of heart beat. Apart from its action on heart ,it also has some effect on other organs including liver.

When blood sugar falls liver converts stored glycogen into glucose and pumps into blood. The beta blockers block this action leading to hypoglycemia.

The most commonly drug used is Atenolol. It is a selective beta blocker,hence its action is confined mainly to heart and as such has very negligible effect on the liver.

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you are right. But diabetics should know that blood sugar control can be

upset because of these antihypertensive drugs, Not only bs, but also HbA1c can go up.These can be brought to normal by diet,dose adjustment,or by chaining the drug.

whether one is taking ACE inhibiter or ATENOLOL the long term result of both medication is same as far as cardiac complication and mortality is concerned .


Yes. Propranolol, being non selective Beta Blocker has effects on wide range of tissues. Psoriasis is a known side effect of propranolol. Hope you recovered from that skin condition.


No need for any explanation. Pleople are more interested in doda Ka fool and ed than knowing real things.


It is general mentality to accept and try unproven things, than to go for scientifically proven and time tested remedies. That why giloy,doda paneer, okra etc. so popular. If any harm comes ,no body's is saying that. 99% of failures would not be reported while a single success even a partial one, will be blown out of proportion.


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