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I am 44 years old and diabetic since last 5 years. I am taking medicine Galvus met ( 50 mg Vildagliptin + 500 mg Metformin) two times. presently my sugar level in fasting is 110 and PP after 2 hours taking meal 148. I want to know which medicine is good for diabetic patient((No/low side effect). whether stem cell therapy is successful for permanent cure for diabetic.

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Dear ganeshmehta ,As per best of my knowledge there are two options for any diabetic person:

1.Keep doing what made you diabetic and take increasing doses of medicines with the passes of time.

2.Stop doing what made you diabetic and become less dependent/independent of medicines.

No permanent treatment i.e. cure of diabetes is available till date.Stem cell therapy is found to be insignificant and bipartite surgery has lesser success rate,it needs too much post care and is meant for very obese people.


You can try food based on long wheat and the like with more fibers. Then you can do some exercise and manage diabetes better.


Dear janardana_naik ,Please reply ganeshmehta and not me.


You r taking the best meficine. Also walk and control your carbs. You can live normally in all respects

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dear sir, diabetes is like marrying ,in India ,u cannot get rid of so easily.

so, pls follow simple rules. DONT HURRY, WORRY ,A ND AVOID CURRY



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@ganesh Mehta ... The medicines you are taking are good.But by following LCHF, diet,you will able to reduce the dosage by half within few months and thus avoid T2 complications because of low dosage.In due course you may be able to reduce drugs to minimum.I am (66),diabetic for over 25 years,and was on same drugs..now reduced substantially due to LCHF DIET.. Thanks to Anup.

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Currently there are no cure in main steam western style medicine.

There is a sort of dietary appraoch based on Newcstle researchers who suggest to reduce weight by about 13 kg. The base their apparoch on a theory that the pancreas is blocked by panceratic fat. They advocate very low calory diet for about 8 weeks. They report that most of patients who had diabetes for less than 10-12 years can be cured.

This is the official website - note that they do not answer emails anymore.


The BEST method of controling diabetes isto reduce or even elliminate grains including rice, bread, pasta, biscuits, sugars, fruits except berries and avocado. You should eat the quivalent of 70 gr protein which is roughly 4-5 eggs or so. The rest should good souirce of fat such as olive oil, butter, ghee, cheese, and coconut oil.

While you do that it is recommended to keep a close eye on BG because this diet reduces BG very quickly.

You can use the following spices to help control diabetes: Cayenne pepper, Cinnamon, Turmeric (with tiny bit of black pepper), Black seed (black cummin), and Ginger.

Herbs: The following herbs are Tulsi, Rhodiola, Ashwaganda, Corriander, and Garlic.

Hope this helps.


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