As I have finished three month course of IME9, I would advise all the friends that its useless and my sugar level has no effect with the treatment whatsoever. What I fail to understand why they are misleading patients in the name of a central government research organisation. The videos that they show on the visual media seem to be completely doctored. Further they claim that the tiny tablet costs only five rupees and one would be advised to take six such tablets in a day. I do not want elaborate and leave it to you friends. Now they contact me to buy from them a stronger medicine

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  • Thanks somkar

  • All scam covered smartly by advertising CSIR's name. They don't have any studies to prove their claims. Ignoring all these churans converted to tablets is the best way forward. All churans that claim dealing with diabetes are the same old wine in a new bottle. They just bump up insulin levels and claim that they regenerate beta cells. Just tall claims with no proof.

  • Thank you for saying this, anup.

  • Surprisingly,BGR 34 is being advocated by people without knowing facts/without own experimentation!

  • It's same old wine in a new bottle - IME 9, Ayush 82, BGR 34 etc etc. All make tall claims and fool people for few months before finding new customers.

  • Very true!

  • Anup

    you didn't count diabecon ds 😝😝😝😝

  • Anup

    black sheep are everywhere. And you are unhappy with ama, ada et al. Indians are even bigger cheater.

    The fault lies with our medical system and the government machineries. Give few bucks and you get everything cleared.

  • somkar ,thanks a lot for sharing your own experience!

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