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IME 9 for Diabetes


Hi friends,

I came across several ads in the visual media about the above medicine from Ayush Dept, Govt of India, for diabetes. If anybody has tried that, could you kindly let me know if it is useful for controlling diabetes 2?

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If you are referring to BGR-34, I tried it for four months. I had it along-with the allopathic medicines prescribed by my doctor. Unfortunately, I did not see any improvements, therefore discontinued. May be it did not suit me, but you can always try, since it is a herbal medicine there are no side effects. I advice you to try for a quarter and see if it benefits you. Do not discontinue your allopathic medicines.

gupta53 in reply to mbighane

I also tried it for about 4-5 months and observed that no impact.I found better Meshashringi which is from Himalaya drugs since it has Gymnoma Sylvestre.

Hi, one month back my sugar levels is 190 and 320. H1ABC IS 8.3. Immediately i am using IME9. after 15 days my sugar levels is 170 and 242. After 30 days my sugar levels is 118 and 193. I think it is perfectly working. You can start immediately. It is 3 months course.

bipinshah in reply to SATYAGX72

U have not mention that u have also used allopathic medicines or not only IME9

SATYAGX72 in reply to bipinshah

Yes, I am using allopathic similarly it is zetaglim m3

somkar in reply to SATYAGX72


raaga123 in reply to SATYAGX72

Iam using this since 20 days alo g with my allopathy med but noo improvement same to same in sugar levels. Will hope for good its 3 months course soo wait and see

Good old BRG 34! (again)

Yes. It helps.

I have tried 6 Bottles of BGR 34 but no improvement was visible.

My suggestion is to control diet ,take Giloy,Aswagandha,Aloe Vira Juice,

Walk for 45 minutes and do Yoga and Pranayam everydayfor one hour.

I am doing it regularly and my Diabetes is well under control.

The Asans which I do ,are the one I have learnt at Yoggram,Patanjali,

Rishikesh.I was there in March for 8 days and again made a booking for 8 days in November.

Please ignore these Tablets .

I am also not sure about the effectiveness of BGR34. I have consumed as many as 6 bottles of BGR34 together with my Alopathic medicines. I would agree with Hondaetios that Yoga combined with morning walk or physical exercise plus diet moderation can give wonderful results. I am able to keep my fasting sugar level below 100 with a multi prong approach. Major achievement is that I have reduced Glimeperide 3+2=5mg a day to 4 mg per day keeping Metformin 500+500=1000mg a day and my sugar levels are well under control. My efforts include 1 hour rigorous gymming (Yoga+Cardio+Workout) +4BGR34+ 2Metformin 500+2Glimeperide2mg+lowcarb diet. I cannot claim it to be an ideal plan, but it's working for me.

I have been taking IME9 along my my regular medicine( 2mg glimepride BD, metformin 1000 mg BD)for the past 45 days but I fail to see any reduction in my BS readings. I shall continue IME9 to complete the dosages as I have bought for 3 months. Can I have your views those taking this medicine. May be effective on early cases of impaired glucose tolerance. not on cases with 10 years of type 2 diabetes patients taking allopathic medicine.

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