My introduction

My introduction

Hello everyone.

What a lovely community of ppl here. I feel safe now. I was just doing a routine check up last week and got to know that I have high BS. So, immediately decided to be a part of community which would greatly help me understand my queries and concerns. May be I am getting to learn so many things.

The dp is of my last cup of milk tea with sugar.


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  • Welcome!

  • Welcome dear, U can even cure diabetes as I could. You may go through my experience on following link.

    The key is to use less of grains, go for healthy carbs such as vegetables, healthy fat such as olive oils and fish oils. low calorie food for initial 2-3 months. A deficit of 600-800 cal a day will help you trim your unhealthy fat accumulation from around your belly. Avoid Sugar, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated fats such as margarine altogether. If you are non vegetarian, you may eat fish, specially oily fish. exercise moderately, combining aerobic, stretch and muscle building exercises in your routine.

    Best wishes for curing your diabetes

  • Hi.

    Welcome. U r at the very right place..

    All the best

  • nice to see your reply Searching60

    Have wonderful stay....

  • Thanks cure.yes have rchd yesterday.

    Thanks for showing the way

  • Some sugar by way of Dates, Palm sugar, jaggery are an important part of a healthy body. As per Ayurveda they are even important for a good libido. Control yr chapatis and rice so your daily intake can allow some sugar in unrefined state and also some fruits in small qty.

    Like you I was also diagnosed with BS in unplanned check up. This was 19 years ago. I would not have opened my mouth, but moved when you said "my last cup of milk tea with sugar" I dont think this forum is a group of losers. Inshallah you will have many many cups with milk, honey, sugar. Dont lose hope and listen to guys like Anup, Mike Pollard, Shooter George. Keep your mood up and sugar falls.

  • anilgupta101 ...reading you after a very long time. Hope you relished mangoes this season !!

    Cheers !

  • Thanks. This time it was at least 8-10 per week. I still have some stock of mango cubes packed in small containers in the refrigerator. After many golden months will cut a papaya. Now Kiwi comes every day. Liberal topping of cream or buffalo milk malai, mood booster mate

  • Amitkul is correct, and here more to it. Really it's not the natural sugar that makes people have bs problems, it a problem with the pancreas. Foods that are unnatural like cows feed corn, fish feed corn and even chicken feed corn, have fats that get stuck in the pancreas. The "typical" diabetes diet is totally backwards. Eating more meat, staying away from Fruits and eating everything with slow carbs is a great way to make the problem worse. Beet roots have metabolites which help stimulate/massage if you will the pancreas which helps it clear up so it can work better. All the grains that are recommended actual have less nutrients and less enzymes then the fruits and sugary vegetables you're told to avoid.

    Yes we should concern ourselves with high sugar, but fixing the problem with things like beetroot (many more) may elevate the problem temporarily, but treating the symptoms I.e. sugar and not the problemed pancreas is just a bandaid. Please note that people with a healthy pancreas can eat fruit all day long without raised bs. Also note while beetroot does have more sugar than a lot of other things I've successfully used it to lower bs and high blood pressure without raising bs at all. One miraculous substance inside beets is vasodilators, which opens things up to let poison out, good things in.

    Here's to a healthy pancreas!

  • MikeEby

    Please share your experience

  • My wife is pregnant which creates a lot of stress on the body. First she developed diabetes . We did what the doctor said which made it worse . They were eating more meat, less fruit, more grains. Slowly her numbers were climbing higher and higher. Her highest was 180. I said that's not working. So looked up cures diabetes. That was when everything started to make sense. Now she's, using juice from beets, celery and carrots, sometimes apples. (these yes have high sugar AND high nutrition). We replaced the meat in her life with wild caught meat, fish shrimp etc. The farm raised stuff is fed corn. Have you ever seen a fish eat corn? Lol meat that eats their natural diet is ok. She's still pregnant but never over 117 sugar level. Still eats fruit, still eats rice, and eats vegetables of many varieties. If you can grow your own food with natural fertilizer it helps too.

    As grains and starches are often least nutritious they should only have a small part of our diets.

  • I think for your wife mutton is better than chicken as the feed and antibiotics are not good. In Pune - Satara they are grazed mainly and the meat is near organic. Also iron is helpful for her.

    Buffalo milk is better as most dairy cows are given antibiotics and hormones to extract more milk. I enjoy at least half liter Desi Buffalo milk with malai every day. Learn to fight and tease diabetes

  • Yes she drinks no milk, mutton is around 8 to 12 per pound because most people don't eat it here, but we find goat. Blood sugar is perfect now. Yes we stopped eating chicken from the store and buy from our friends now.

    Urine therapy also can help, but most people in here are afraid of it.


  • Welcome the only cure of walk /exercise/yoga and control on diet.

  • Welcome sir here .you are in right direction.Expert like Anup sir, Mike, Shooter sir and Mr Arun Kumar, Mr concerned are here to guide you. Just follow their advice. Thanks

  • Sir ji,

    I am no expert. Just a diligent student of science who believes in numbers than lop sided OPINIONS.

  • thanks sir for sober reply.

  • True IITian.

  • Thank you sir ji :)

  • Great Thanks to every one.

    Regardless whoprovides their input, (or what he says about), please avoid NEGATIVE comments on any thing............let it be any thing.

    This is my very humble opinion.

    The golden rule of the GLOBE is "YESTERDAY WILL NEVER COME BACK".

    Given that let us take the good opinions AND avoid negative comments please.

    More so due to the reason that WE ARE ALL FAIRLY AGED TO see the realities of life.

    Pardon me ..........I am not trying to advice.........I respect all the views please.

    .just a very humble opinion please.

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