Can Hba1c Prove Helpful in Diagnosis of Type 2 DM in India

A study conducted by Manisha et al., shows that the HbA1c cut off in newly diagnosed diabetic in north and south India is found to be ≥ 5.8% which is much lower than the proposed value by the international expert committee (≥6.5 %). They also depicts that a value of ≥ 5.5% or ≥ 5.6% defines IFG in Indian setting[32]. In this context we can at least assume that HbA1c cut off for Indian will vary from the ADA recommendation and though some study have provided some preliminary data, a pan Indian study suggesting the variation of HbA1c among the diverse ethnicity in India is to be conducted.


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38 Replies

  • Not a standalone and perfectly reliable marker for diagnosing diabetes.

    FBS and PPBS test results are also essential. Fasting insulin and lipids are also important for diagnosis.

  • perfect shrisamarth

  • yes...A1C can be higher due to infection for time being and even fasting insulin too can be higher due to various reasons ...

    Important thing is how to backtrack one you know you are on track of being declared as diabetic in next 10 years either by knowing Fasting Insulin or say A1C??

  • Elevated insulin, rise in LDL particle no (prominently small particles) We never test.

    There is slow and steady rise in FBS and PPBS years before one becomes diabetic. Always Ignored.

    My BS readings were FBS 92 and PPBS 129 in 2006. I was DX in 2012.

  • to reverse to healthy state once you hear alarm of any kind ...?

    One step : get yourself tested regularly specially parameters related to D and other get enough AO + fermented food to make sure body needs are being made and it is in healthy state and go to cinema hall by foot to watch a good movie :D and

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blanks) :)

    In case we are able to reverse ...we can pull it to 30-40 years ...till the body really starts aging in context of India(In India I see people really age faster than other counties ...I dont know why ...there is something which is affecting us gradually and make cells age faster)

    again what ??

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (Fill in the blanks )

  • fast aging is due to High carb diet karch

  • what about lipids and A1C in 2006 ...what that a bit of alarming ??

  • First time tested Hba1c and lipids in 2012 and that's when I was DX diabetic. Lipids were fine even in 2012 (TG/HDL less than 1) but Hba1c 8.9, low B12 and D.

  • strange TG is also generally high when HbA1c high and get T2D declared...

  • I am not IR but ID. Someone here had declared me non-diabetic after looking at my lipids. :D

  • hmm...what do you do for making up for deficiency of Insulin...

    Any idea how you became ID suddenly without IR..due to some drugs /antibiotic reaction ?? I have heard many people have drugs side effects which spoils pancreas...

  • Any idea how you became ID suddenly without IR..

    Don't know. May be my beta cells became dysfunctional due to genetical factors over the period and was never IR.

  • Thats the deep point for investigation...In Ramdev camp, I saw many people said that due to over use of antibiotic and strong drugs for various infection their pancreas got affected and they got D mostly young

  • Yes I think lot of research is needed to see how beta cells get affected or become dysfunctional. So that reversal will be easier.

  • I am really surprised ...why its not a big issue in India till now...this is a wake up call for we Indians and no research body is concerned about problem of D in India

    Can free radicals be the cause??...very less AO in typical Indian diet or wheat allergy or lactose allgery ate up pancreas and thyroid in years slowly ?? I am recently seeing a lot of youngers getting diagnosed with Thyroid too

    And you know Vit D difficiency and D and thyroid often daignosed together are these we become so defficient in Vit D despite getting enough sun shine ...and then as a chain reaction thyroid and D as a gift...??

  • Is it a low fat or bad fat diet which is making us deficient to Vit D and so giving us D and thyroid??

  • karch as far as Vit D deficiency....we really don't know what is normal standard for Indians....

    There are lot of researches say.... WE INDIANS ARE DIFFERENT THAN WHITES.

    Even in case of statin...lower doses are sufficient to attain required plasma level.

    All researches about Vit.D are done in western countries....and standards are fixed as per that.

    But I guess problem is with genetically modified grains....and oils...

    Also injected hormone and pesticides.... you know diclofenac??? we use to eat as Burfen??? it is cause to extinction of Vultures....same we are eating so many things and we don't know the effects of same.

  • Though we have enough sun shine there is insufficient exposure to sun.

    It is not consistent and body is covered with cloths.

  • pata nahi.... but they say just 15 mts exposure is sufficient....

  • आयुर्वेद काय सांगत sun exposure बाबतीत शोधायला हव.


    Advice for AsthiKshaya:

    –Guru, Kathina, Khara, PaarthivaDravya – aushadha and ahaara

    — Tikta Rasa yukta herbs and ahaara

    –herbs with SandhaneeyaGuna like ARJUNA, GUGGULU, MOTHA, LAKSHA

    –Dravya (Single Drugs): Pooga, Naareekela, Pravaala, MrigaS`hringa, S`hauktika, SudhaaVarga, Vaataama, Methikaa, Majjaa

    –Formulations – Tiktadravya siddha Ghrita, Taila, TiktaKsheeraBasti, Chyavanpraasha,

    –Aahaara (Diet)-Godugdha, Ghrita, Maamsa Rasa

    Chikitsaa Karma – Basti (Tikta Rasa PradhaanaDravya siddha Ghrita/Ksheera)



    Ayurvedic physiology explains this biochemical problem with much more clinical basis. Asthi dhathu, when affected by dhathwagni mandya or srothorodha, becomes defective in taking up its required nutritive part from the common circulating pool of rasadhathu, and results in malformation of asthi dhathu i.e. bone deformities as discussed in head Para.


    In such a clinical context, loading a patient with immense calcium can never yield good results. The clinical approach in such cases can be better aided by correction of biological fire and there by the correcting the metabolic errors in the body. Biological fire regulation followed by Drugs which possess specific action on asthidhathwagni, so that asthi dhathu is formed perfectly- is the method to be adopted. Also, rasayanas, which can influence deeper dhatus like asthi dhathu are proved to have commendable results in such clinical conditions. To support such internal medications, VITAMIN D support externally, like basking morning and evening sunlight, proper exercise can support the treatment to a greater extend.

    Along with this internal medication strategy, bedside treatment methods like vasthi, udvarthana, abhyanga are all found very effective in correcting asthi dhathwagni

    However, in those cases where, severe bone deformity is diagnosed, ie, the sthayi asthi dhathu is affected, oral or para-enteral VITAMIN D supplement or simply a direct supplement of asthi dhathvagni is vital. Along with this Ayurvedic assistance for metabolic correction is proved to have good results and obviously, not only a vitamin supplement corrects the issue from root level.

  • and then sunscreens ...and air conditioners ...force us to remain indoor ...and

    what about getting Vit D from milk??Isnt that enough or actually milk is not providing us sufficient amount of Vit D

  • karch first of all let us arrive the right level of D for Indians....then we can think further....

    there is one member here....he says Vit D is like steroid ...... he says if you take vit D supplement..your skin problems will get aggravated

  • @karch shrisamarth



    actually i have seen in dog pups many times....rickets is developed only with weak pup..and with lots of worm load.

    I order to cure...we use to treat first worm load....then supplement with D sachets.

    So what he says got some point.

  • shrisamarth you are 55 kg and 5'10" ...means very thin.....hmmm is it that due to very less insulin you never put on weight???

  • Possible.

    In 2005-6my max weight was around 69 kg and till 2011 it was 64-65

  • koi game vagaire khelta tha shrisamarth ????

  • No.

  • I envy you..... shrisamarth yar mara weight aise kab hoga?;)

  • Yes थोडा कम होना चाहिये. Initial weight due to depletion of glycogen stores with water.

    उपवास करून बघताय का ? for weight loss.

  • atta kahich nahi....just curd...1.5 lunch 1.5 mutton and usal...

    even walking is stopped due to rains....

    but hey accidently started chewing ajvayan with black salt....and found reduction in FBS ....

    गवार वातूळ असते म्हणून ओवा टाकतात.... hmmmm ओवा खायचे थांबवले... आता FBS चेक करू ..मग परत ओवा खाऊन चेक करू...

  • what do you do for making up for deficiency of Insulin...

    Low carb! Nothing else.

    Karela + amla juice is helping to some extent.

  • Evaluate taking black seed oil

  • I am already taking nigella sativa powder along with methi dana soaked over night. Shashikantiyengar

  • guess for him IR is not problem.... karch

    His IR=TG/HDL ratio is fantastic.

    Even with me....I never had cholesterol problem....but 2009 BP problem started....

  • same here shrisamarth

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