"Vitamin D" - actually a secosteroid ! ! !

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"Is vitamin d a steroid"

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"YES. Vitamin D is a "secosteroid" which means a part of it is converted to a steroid by the body.

If you have any kind of underlying disease process involving a suspected bacteria/pathogen such as Lyme, CFS, MS, Fibro, and others DO NOT TAKE D.

It will make you feel better initially (as all steroids do) but will allow the bacteria/pathogen to PROLIFERATE!

This will increase your bacterial load and ultimately make you sicker!

There are plenty of healthy people with low d. The action of D is corollary, not causative as current pop medicine would have you believe. There is a lot of ignorance out there.

The D receptor is actually blocked or down regulated by the body if you have an underlying disease process going on. This is the your system's way of PROTECTING itself from increased inflammation.

The bacterial load must be eliminated before the d receptor will work properly again.

People are not recognizing the steroid action of D.

If you go to ILADS.COM and punch in steroid it will tell you NOT TO TAKE THEM. However they do not realize that D is A STEROID. Hope this helps!"

Sadly, no date on the above quite important and (seemingly) verifiable point of view . . . . . . which remains unrecognised by most of the medical professions ( - for inexplicable reasons) . . . . . it seems.


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