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Hello All Need some inputs .I am diabetic but not on medication . I have high Fasting blood sugars shifted my diet to Long wheat. I am taking 2-3 egg whites as breakfast and along with glass of milk. Blood sugar remains somewhere 135-150.Some times drops to 120s.Not very consistent. Fasting Blood sugar is 140-150.Lunch is small portion of Long wheat along with chicken or some times quinoa or just veggies. Dinner is Long wheat along with curd ,dal or veggies. Sugar shoots to 160 and if walk for a mile remains to 135.But in morning it is going to 150.Doing rigorous exercise daily for 45 minutes after exercise blood sugar drops to 112-125. Please suggest the way outs for this.Mr. George need your expert comments. Please guide for diabetes


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What do you prepare out of long wheat?

Check your HbA1c


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