गुरुपुर्णिमा के उपलक्ष्य में हार्दिक शुभकामनाये,

प्रेरकः सूचकश्वैव वाचको दर्शकस्तथा ।

शिक्षको बोधकश्चैव षडेते गुरवः स्मृताः ॥

प्रेरणा देनेवाले, सूचन देनेवाले, (सच) बतानेवाले, (रास्ता) दिखानेवाले, शिक्षा देनेवाले, और बोध करानेवाले – ये सब गुरु समान है ।

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” –William Arthur

For me @anup and healthulocked are like GURU who showed me right path to control my Diabetes...

Thank you anup and HU


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22 Replies

  • Rightly said!

  • Yes .I second ur comment. HU&@an up are indeed the guru. A big thank u sir. May the community grow &more ppl get benefitied.

    A very very big thank u on this Guru purnima

  • Yes I also agree with ur comment and big salute to all these


  • I didn't even know Bill Arthur Ward wrote in hindi !


  • Epictetus

    lol...the starting lines are in Sanskrit...not in Hindi....

    followed by Hindi translation of sanskrut lines...

    And after that a quote from William Arthur


  • Thanks Cure . . . . . I was of course being jovial, . . . . . and am grateful for your clarification ( - hadn't looked closely enough to note that Sanskrit and Hindi texts were involved).

    [It may be TOO simplistic to say 'laughter is the BEST medicine ( - for what ?) . . . . . . but surely a life without the possibility of laughter would be a MUCH poorer one ! ;) ]

    However, by the magic of the web ( - hurray for Tim B-L, and COUNTLESS others !) the Hindi would appear to translate as:

    "This offering inspiration, suchan, (true) Hindu janajagruti Samiti, (way) this dikhanevale, education, and awareness carnival – all have the same master."

    Hmmmm, I may use that some day . . . . . . or may be even critique it !

    Hope you agree with that . . . . . otherwise, will be pleased to have your version ! Keep up the good work !


  • Guru govind donon khade

    kisko lagu pay

    balihari guru aapni

    govind diyo dikhai

  • Was that first penned by Bill Arthur, too ? What is it in English, then ?

  • Well, apparently it took Isaac N. to work out that:

    थे रते ओफ़् चाङ्गे ओफ़् मोमेन्त्स इस एक़ुअल् तो थे फ़ोर्चे अप्प्लिएद् अन्द् अच्त्स इन थे समे दिरेच्तिओन् or,

    थे रते ओफ़् चाङ्गे ओफ़् मोमेन्तुं इस प्रोपोर्तिओनल् तो थे फ़ोर्चे अप्प्लिएद् अन्द् इन थ समे दिरेच्तिओन्

    . . . . . . and I wonder how well that has translated ! Any Sanskrit scholars about ?


  • need more cholesterol.... :(

  • I have no idea what "need more cholesterol. . . . . " means in the context of my post !

  • It is said.. 25% of the cholesterol in your body is found in your brain....

    So more cholesterol...more active brain... :)

  • Hmmm, the brain then, at some 3.5lbs is a GREEDY little organ, . . . . . . . for its need for glucose has been said to be up to 50% of the total intake ! (Had not heard that about cholesterol !)

    Greedy, greedy, . . . . . . greedy - to whom that hath, . . . . shall MORE be given, . . . . . . . ?


  • And what about liver????

  • Happy Guru Purnima.

    Happy that a experiences shared by a student of LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet helped you and others. Let the journey continue and the clan grow every single day. I am no guru but still a student -- a pracharak of LCHF :)

  • Modiji bhi yahi kahte hai..... :D

  • And, I am a MODI FAN/Follower.

    थोडा बहुत असर तो होगा ही ! :D :D

    प्रचारक word comes because of my proud leanings towards RSS :)

  • " My proud leanings towards RSS"

    One of the reasons behind-having 'sanskars' in you!

  • My father was very close to RSS...Many top leaders use ti visit our house on regular basis.

    Even I am student of Bhonsala Millitary school....founded by B S Munje who was mentor of Hedgewar.

    Over the period of time....they have changed lot....

  • Oh Bhonsale Military school. The other day, me and my brother were discussing about boarding and other schools and Bhonsale Military school came up in discussion. He had all praises.

    My brother's schooling was from Barnes School Deolali, as a boarder, so he knew about schools in and around that region :)

  • other day i quoted lines.....shapadapi...shradapi....शापदपि शरदापि ...was slogan of Bhonsala Military school

  • Agratashchaturo Vedan Prushthah: Sasharam Dhanu: | Idan Brahmamidan Kshatram Shapadapi Sharadapi ||”

    Taking all 4 vedas in front of us...and quiver full of arrows....we stand here to defend our faith ..may it be with arrows or curse (discussion??)....

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