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Switching from tablets to Insulin

I am a diabetic since 17 years and it is under control most of the time.I am taking only oral drugs now,but cannot depend on them any further since I am on high doses.The Doctor may therefore advice me (he has hinted)to switch over to Insulin for better control.What I would like to know is how does it affect me in terms of food,exercise,other medicines I take etc.Will somebody experienced in this matter please enlighten?

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Take the advice of the doctor. Don't delay & that is in your own interest.


i'm patiently waiting to know the answere of your valuable question

from an experience doctor. i'm facing the same problem .


I have the same problem even with night insulin shots its often around 150 & less if i don't eat food rich in sugar. What we lack is physical exercises!!!


try to keep your stomach clean,if u have constipation problem then first get rid of that problem,sugar will automatically come down


correct, sir !!!


Where do you get "Vijaysar"? is it available in Drug store?


I think you should do according to a specialist doctor


try start taking a glass of karela, tomato juice, one tea spoon of methi dana daily along with your medicines,follow some of the asanas , pranayams of shri swami ramdev , if you cannot walk for 45 minutes do cyclying at home for 45 minutes


in addition try to have control on your meals special atta is availble at swami ramdev store, daliya avoid sugar, sweets,rice ,potatoes ,shakargandi ,sweet fruits specially chikoo, mango. banana, you can have good leafy vegetables, tori ,tinda, ghia, karela and some friuts in which sugar content is very low or nil


When oral drug FAILS to control B G L then only smarter way to switch over to insulin it given better result than oral drug but it is important after injecting insulin took proper diet & enjoy life as you ease exercise is always fruitful to every body even children too.


If doctor has hinted or advised for insulin, go for it. In my opinion it is much better than high dose of tablets.

The argument is, in natural process body makes insulin, therefore if body is incapable to produce insulin then take externally to replenish.


I faced almost similar situation but had no difficulty in changing over to insulin NovoMix 30 25ml/day 15+10. My HbA1C remains at 5.8-6. I do take other medicines for Spine & heart ailments. Please follow your Doc's advise.


I am Rekha Gupta . I am a Certified Diabetes Educator , Registered Pharmacist and Nutritionist.

I will try to solve your query to the best of my ability.

I hope you know that Diabetes occurs when your body produces less insulin or the insulin is produced is not absorbed by the body properly that is there is a resistance to it.

The tablets which are used to treat diabetes are NOT insulin. They can only act in the presence of insulin which is secreted by your body. If the ability of your body to secrete insulin is low , this can become with the advancement of time as the no. beta cells which secrete insulin becomes less and less.Then tablets will not give you good control, no matter how many tablets you take in whatever combinations!

The tablets also show a lessening of their effectiveness after a few years and we can this as "secondary failure" of the tablets. They were effective initially but not now. Again you would have to take insulin injections if you want to control your blood glucose properly.

So, many people with Type 2 diabetes may be asked by their doctor to take insulin injections.

This does not mean that your case has become very serious and that you have reached a terminal stage!

This is nonsense!

In fact in many countries people are put on Insulin from the day one of diagnosis for better control and to avoid the complications related to Diabetes and to preserve beta cells.

Many patients ask their doctors why he wants them to take insulin whilst he continues to treat some others with tablets. You must understand that every person is different and the capacity of secrete insulin differs in each person. The aim is to control your diabetes. The "end" point is control. The "means" will differ from person to person!

You have to think of insulin as being just one more option in trying to control your diabetes. There is nothing sinister or serious about being asked to take insulin.

Fortunately, the newer needles which are used to give insulin injections, and the needles used in "pens" which deliver insulin, are so small and thin needles that injections are almost painless!

The doctor will advice to take which insulin and in what dose. The titration of the dose might take 10-15 days and you have to maintain a chart for it.


Rekhaji,This is exactly the kind of information that I was looking for.You have made the issues very clear and I will be acting accordingly.Thank you very much.

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I do agree also with rekhaji comments. i do take tabs which are maximum doses & night shot

of insulin but my fasting reading in average is 149 & HBA1C is 7.5, shall I ask my doctor to put me completely on insulin, will it resolve my problem of very frequent urine,(every hour)?. please respond,thanks.


well enlightened about insulin T u


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