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we have to taste the food!

we have to taste the food!



From immemorial practice of Ayurveda and Siddha medicine of Traditional Indian Medicine, the flavors / tastes are divided into six categories. Body, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve, saliva, brain consists of seven major minerals in the body, "Yakai”. It is very important that six minerals to function properly,

the seventh – that is the brain must have the appropriate level.

1-Sweet – water and earth – develops bone and muscle

2-Sour – Fire and earth – forms fat

3-Spice / pungent - air and fire -develops bone

4-Salt – Fire and water – saliva

5-Astringent –Air and earth – Blood

6-Bitter – air and sky – nerves

TasteIncreased levelDecreased

SweetWeight gainOver sleep, no appetizing, laziness, fatigue, weight loss

sourThirst, toxinBlood impurity, obese, poor appetize, oozing, joint pain

spiceInfertility, stomach ulcer, dizziness, tremor, thirst, mouth ulcerPoor appetizer, poor taste, indigestion.

SaltFaint, thirst, heat, itchinessBoils, muscle loss, vomit, indigestion

AstringentDry mouth, flatulence, drooling, stammeringDigestive dis order

bitterobeseLoss of strength, thirst, joint pain, dry skin, indigestion


Proverbs 15:30 (NIV)

Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart,

and good news gives health to the bones.

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.seven major metals in the body contribute to the seven important areas of

constitution .The metals are ruled by Sun ,moon , Venus ,Mercury , Mars ,Jupiter and Saturn . .Sun is karaka for gold , moon for silver , mercury for mercury , Venus for copper , Mars for iron , Jupiter for tin , and Saturn for lead. . Sun has the jurisdiction of heart and spine , moon of brain and fluids , mercury of nervous system and lungs , Venus of kidneys and nutrition , Mars of blood and muscles , Jupiter of liver and gall bladder ,Saturn of skeleton , skin , hair and nails . In the system of healing of siddhas , medicines are given by using the metals. Even astrologically , when a chart is made , depending upon the lagnadhipathy , 6th lord , aspects there of ,their relative strengths , the disease pattern , seriousness and remedies can be arrived at .But then again , it all depends upon the sincerity , honesty and commitment of the astrologer .Astrology is a science in it's own right and is not a superstition . If I fail in the subject of maths in my 10 th exam , it is not the fault of either teacher or the subject .Leaving astrology ,taking the case of a disease alone where any particular organ is afflicted a medicine containing that particular metal , if given , brings great relief . Thus Jupiter rules over liver & gall bladder , Venus -- kidneys , Mars blood , muscles circulation and the three put together cure diabetes if iron , copper and tin are used in the medicinal preparation . Here is a vast field and area for research and experimentation , if any takers are there .