need examples of Fibre food

I am diabetic Type II since 2008, Taking Metformin(Xmet SR 1g) morning & Glimepride (Amaryl 1mg) evening daily. Metformin creates gas, though BS is controlled. Is it possible to reduce or control these drugs with Fibre food? Is isabgol comes under Fibre or only wheat is the option. Do I need to stop carb like rice, potato completely. Present BS readings are fasting 130 PP 148.

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  • Metformin if you take at the end of meals it will create any trouble. When i had high carb food i had sever gas and constipation then BP. Now no more these things. It is not metformin create gas. it is the carb food makes gas. Try to stop 2 day carb and see yourself. Best option is follow LCHF DIET. Millions of people getting benefit why can't you too?

  • After eating food what is the ideal time to take Metformin tablets: immediately after food or after few minutes?

  • I swallow Metformin 500 SR (with water) immediately after eating.

  • Thank you.

  • chandrak58: Isabgol is considered fiber and is recommended for diabetes. There are many other options. I take 80 grams flax seed daily. LCHF and long grain wheat is what contributors here advocate vehemently. I suggest take a peep at Mendosa's glycemic index and load by searching it on google.

  • Try reading this article on the nett

  • Please use fiber obtained from fenugreek seeds. It called "fenufibre" See website on

  • Isabgol is fibre but it cannot be substituted for food. There are plenty of food rich in fibre such as whole wheat, bran, unpolished rice, vegetables etc.etc.Avoiding carbs as much as possible will help. LCHF diet is the best.

  • Thank You Sir.

  • Even peanuts have fiber. 100grams would cover 38% of RDV.

    Add vegetables to your meal and you would never need any external fiber source.

    1 Small cooked eggplant eggplant, for example, has 40% of RDV fiber.

    Cover the balance with flaxseed powder, with falxseed ground at home.

  • I have more of less same level of sugar. Besides taking 1 Amaryl 3g just 10 minutes before lunch, I also take1 teaspoon Tripaladi choornam in luke warm water before going to bed. Taking this powder1st thing in the morning in empty stomach is good for motion. Hot water or tea can be taken after 30 or 45 minutes as you prefer. Clean bowl is a releave esp for gas. Ashtachoornam is also good for digestion. You may consult an Ayurvedic doctor in this regard. Needless to say 30 to 45 minutes exercise and equal time walking daily will benefit immensely.

  • Best way to reduce/eliminate drugs is through Low Carb High Fat diet. Which means not just rice, potato, you will have to count carbs from all sources and restrict them to 100 grams /day. Search LCHF on forum. A lot has been posted over more than a year.

  • I think you are not diabetic.

    you can control your sugar by management and walking.

    you should avoid medicine. can consult dr also.

  • I would rather suggest Not to go for any tablets, but go for natural fibrous dietary food such as Papaya, Wheat bran, Sprouts, Cucumber, Guava fruit, Mousambi fruit, Leafy vegetables, and Butter milk with flak seeds.

  • for ur gastric problem u should go for HARAD in stead of Isabgol. HARAD is taken with different assisting supliments in different whethers. or you should try SANA leaves which will help u in curing the diabetes as well.

    remember ; the most important cure for diabetes is regular rigorous exercise for minimum 300 seconds to maximum a quarter of hour as per the physical strength of patient.

    besides, the most important factor of treatment is ' you must know that if you are above 45 yrs. the god has blessed you with diabetes. snatch out the very idea the people have germinated in your mind that Diabetes is a fetal disease , or a curse , or a silent killer.these are all preposterous.

    make a little bit changes in your life style consult an honest medicine man to adopt changes in life style.

    I assure you that within a fortnights time you will feel better then you were before the diabetes was diagnosed.


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