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All friends, yesterday, I checked my sugar level, hb1 a. 6.7' random 152 with homeo medicines, 75 reduced eng Medes, I am confident, that homeo will cure diabetis and with the support of good food habits. My menu, no tif fins, Very very rare, 3or 4 coffees, lunch with stomach full with brown rice and 2 mango fruits, no snacks, very very rare, eating peanuts and butter milk, night stomach full rice with brown rice one mango fruit, no symptoms for diabetis, light asanas, very few , no walking. Some times I walk, but using English medicines, I am confident that I will thrown away diabetis into dustbin and also English medicines, in November hb1 9.8. Thanks to all and be confident, in November I was suffered by peripheral neuropathy also, slightly, now nothing I am happy

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  • Congratulations!

  • which homeo medicine

  • I don't know

  • I personally had seen diabetes getting cured or controlled with homeopathic medicines with out going for long walks , strict diet schedules , sugar controls . But too much of sugar , too Much of carbs , much fats are not good even for non diabetics . During growth stage the requirements of proteins , fats carbs are different .But after 25 years no person needs all that food . A well chosen homeopathic medicine with appropriate food and rest habits diabetes gets cured . There are no specifics in homeopathy .

  • Homeopathy has an answer for diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy also . Coupled with asanas like manduka , sarvangasana , halasana , paschimothanasan, padmasana and pranayama not only diabetes all ailments get thrown out and ensure mental as well as physical health .

  • Which homeopathic madicine

  • I don't know what the doctor has been giving to me

  • HOMEOPATHY does not have specific medicines . Each case is different and has to be dealt differently depending upon individual case histories.There are some general guidelines which give a relief but permanent cure is possible only in treatment with holistic approach.

  • It is important that many pharmacist have capacity to produce good medicine for diabetes, but the way the medicine are supplyed still have to be checked properly because we Africans also need important medicines, instead of selling it only online. Imagine a poor person like me to get that type of medicine online without financial means. So, if you want to help me, please allow me to buy at least koral FIBA care kits and any other by transferring money through your account and you supply me by DHL through my address. Keep waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. Daiana

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