Brown rice vs Long Wheat

I have read a lot about Long Wheat in this site and also in other sites. Does brown unploished rice also has same effect on BS? I am planning to go for Brown rice + some long wheat meal. Has anybody noticed the effect of BS after having brown rice? I know brown rice is better than white polished rice. But can it have same effect as long wheat?

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  • Thanks for your reply..

  • It is called THOUDU in Kannada

  • Between brown and white rice, you "MAY" see 5% benefit. That's about it. It will still spike.

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  • Pleasure is all mine :)

  • The only way to know is eat and then check blood sugar with a Glucometer. People process food in different ways so your experience will be different from others. Also the treatment of the rice can determine its sugar content. I mean by the way it is processed after harvesting. Ragi gives me high PPBS. I read that Ragi powdered in mills has higher sugar than stone ground Ragi. So check your BS and create a list of food you can eat and a list you cannot. A tip, eat small quantities of food like 5-6 meals a day. This is very helpful is keeping blood suagr low.

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